I am an ordinary Catholic Singapore resident (to be Singaporean soon) and aspirant to the diocesan priesthood, hoping to join the local Major Seminary in Singapore in the near future.

I hope that through this little project and effort, I may share the beautiful treasures of our faith, particularly that of the Scriptures and the teachings of the Church with fellow brethren in Christ and also others from all around the world. I am also obedient to the Bishop of Rome, successor of St. Peter the Apostle, to whom Christ had entrusted His Church, who was also the Rock, upon whom Christ built the Church upon, and anchored it on.

I am also interested in various languages and also currently in various stages of learning them, particularly languages spoken by the faithful, that hopefully one day, I can use God’s gift to me in faith, in language, and in love, to serve the people of God, and to evangelise to all nations, and all peoples.

I am also currently serving as an Altar Server, Liturgist and an aspiring Master of Ceremonies at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Mother Church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore.

Follow me in my various other accounts!

Twitter: PCMDavidCKang

Instagram: PCMDavidCKang

Facebook: PeterCanisius Michael David Kang

Clubhouse: PCMDavidCKang

YouTube: PCMDavidCKang

Ut Omnes Unum Sint ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam!
That they all may be One, for the greater glory of God!

17 January 2013 – present

20 thoughts on “About

      • Dear sir. This is probably an odd way to get information about a song by the cathedral choir in 2009 which I heard on youtube. I am singing in a classical choir in the Netherlands and founds 3 pages of sheet music of this song “evry valley shall be filled….” I heard on youtube:
        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qa59wo6xPSY&t=126s . As there is nu title or composer on this 3 sheets I wonder if you could tell me these details. Our conductor would like the choir to sing this song and wondered if we could get the right details to order the music book.

        Yours truly,

        Albert Stoel


  1. May the Lord Jesus Christ be always in your heart and by your side. Read prayer by St Patrick Patron saint of Ireland. ‘Christ be beside me…………..’ This will protect you always.


  2. petercanisiusmichaeldavidkang. I am really impressed with your great interest to serve God aiming to be a clergy which could definitely broaden your ability to spread the words of God in various capacities. I will include you in my prayers so that you will succeed in your great endeavours in life. God bless,.

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  3. You have a very good blog. I was wondering if you had a higher resolution of the image you used on August 15th 2013 with Pope Pius XII declaring the dogma of Our Lady’s Assumption? I was hoping to use it for my invitations to my ordination to the Priesthood which takes place this August 15th 2016. I appreciate any help you can give. Many thanks. God bless, Rev Ninian A.E. Doohan (Deacon in the Diocese of Dunkeld, Scotland)


  4. Please pray for Eric McDonald’s salvation-
    May The Light of Christ fill Eric McDonald’ soul
    May The Sacred Heart of Jesus, be Eric’s refuge
    May The Immaculate Heart of Vigin Mary, pray for Eric.
    May St Jospeh, be Eric’s foster father to Eric..


  5. petercanisiusmichaeldavidkang. Very impressive; thoroughly researched writing; will certainly keep you in my prayers. I am an Accountant and presently completing my Masters in Teaching. I have been an Acolyte since 1995 and will pray for you. Kindest regards, Eugene Dennis, Canning Vale, W.Australia

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  6. Greeting from Accra,Ghana. I find your site very impressive. I will certainly remember you in my prayers that you are call into ministry. I am a priest of the Anglican Diocese of Accra and also the Chaplin of the Server’s ( Altar) Guild of the Diocese.

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