(Usus Antiquior) Pentecost Sunday (I Classis) – Sunday, 28 May 2023 : Sequence

Liturgical Colour : Red

Veni, Sancte Spiritus, Et emitte caelitus, Lucis Tuae radium.

Veni, Pater pauperum, Veni, dator munerum, Veni, lumen cordium.

Consolator optime, Dulcis hospes animae, Dulce refrigerium.

In labore requies, In aestu temperies, In fletu solatium.

O Lux beatissima, Reple cordis intima, Tuorum fidelium.

Sine Tuo numine, Nihil est in homine, Nihil est innoxium.

Lava quod est sordidum, Riga quod est aridum, Sana quod est saucium.

Flecte quod est rigidum, Fove quod est frigidum, Rege quod est devium.

Da Tuis fidelibus, In Te confidentibus, Sacrum septenarium.

Da virtutis meritum, Da salutis exitum, Da perenne gaudium. Amen. Alleluja.

English translation

Come, Holy Spirit, and send forth from heaven the ray of Your light.

Come, Father of the poor. Come, Giver of gifts. Come, light of hearts.

You are the best consoler, sweet guest of the soul, sweet coolness.

In labour, rest. In heat, refreshment. In tears, solace.

O most blessed Light, may You fill the innermost recesses of the hearts of Your faithful!

Without Your divine assistance, there is nothing in man, nothing harmless.

Cleanse what is base, bedew what is parched, and heal what is wounded.

Bend what is rigid, warm what is chilled, guide what is astray.

Give to Your faithful confiding in You, Your sevenfold gifts.

Give them the reward of virtue, give them a happy death, give them eternal joy. Amen. Alleluia.

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