(Special Post) 10,000th Post milestone!

1937 days since its beginning in January 2013, my blog has reached its 10,000th post milestone as of this Sunday morning!

Thanks to all the viewers and visitors who have graced this blog with your time and presence over the past five and a half years. May God continue to guide me and strengthen my resolve to write and post, for the greater glory of His Name!

Deo gratias!


Brief statistics (16 January 2013 – 6 May 2018)

Total Posts: 10,000

Total Views: 956,218

Total Visitors: 504,523

500th Post! Continue to pray for me and for my blog!

The title said it well enough. Yes, I have reached my 500th post and over that today. May God continue to shine His light on me, inspire me with His Holy Spirit, that I will continue to persevere to write despite my heavy and busy schedules, so that I can share the Word of God, share the faith, and share the love of God, with my brothers and sisters in faith, and many others all around the world. Pray for me.

May God bless us all with faith, hope, and love, always, at all times. Amen!

100th Post reached! Deo Gratias!

I have reached my first 100th post with the Gospel Reading for the 4th Sunday of the Ordinary Time that I had just published. Thank you very much to all who visit this humble blog.

Pray for me, that I can always continue to write, for the love of God, and all mankind, my brothers and sisters in Christ.


+Ut Omnes Unum Sint, ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam+

(That they all may be One, for the greater glory of God)