Official Theme Song – Apostolic Visit of Pope Francis to Thailand – ‘Let Love be the Bridge’

His Holiness, Pope Francis, Vicar of Christ and Bishop of Rome is now currently visiting Thailand as part of his trip to Asia. This visit to Thailand celebrates the 350th Anniversary since the establishment of the Church in Thailand (1669 – present) with the foundation of the Mission of Siam led by the missionaries of the MEP (Missions Étrangères de Paris) / Paris Foreign Missions Society.

The Catholic Church in Thailand has collaborated to produce this wonderful song in Thai (with official English translation and version for the refrain), titled ‘Let Love be the Bridge’ as one of the two main theme songs for this Apostolic Visit, the second time the Pope visits Thailand after Pope St. John Paul II’s visit in 1984.

This is truly a wonderful song dedicated to harmony between peoples, and a reminder to all of us as Christians that our first and foremost calling is to love and to share our love unconditionally with others, our fellow brothers and sisters of all backgrounds, origins and religions. Through our love, everyone will then know that we belong to Christ, Our Lord and Saviour, and it is how we become genuine witnesses for Him in this world.

Shown above is the rough transliteration (and English translation for the first two verses of the song). As Thai is not my native language and I am not proficient in it, my sincerest apologies should there be mistakes in either the transliteration or translation.

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