(Usus Antiquior) Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost (II Classis) – Sunday, 23 October 2022 : Holy Gospel

Liturgical Colour : Green

Sequentia Sancti Evangelii secundum Joannem – Continuation of the Holy Gospel according to St. John

John 4 : 46-53

In illo tempore : Erat quidam regulus, cujus filius infirmabatur Capharnaum. Hic cum audisset, quia Jesus adveniret a Judaea in Galilaeam, abiit ad eum, et rogabat eum, ut descenderet et sanaret filium ejus : incipiebat enim mori.

Dixit ergo Jesus ad eum : Nisi signa et prodigia videritis, non creditis. Dicit ad eum regulus : Domine, descende, priusquam moriatur filius meus. Dicit ei Jesus : Vade, filius tuus vivit. Credidit homo sermoni, quem dixit ei Jesus, et ibat.

Jam autem eo descendente, servi occurrerunt ei et nuntiaverunt, dicentes, quia filius ejus viveret. Interrogabat ergo horam ab eis, in qua melius habuerit. Et dixerunt ei : Quia heri hora septima reliquit eum febris. Cognovit ergo pater, quia illa hora erat, in qua dixit ei Jesus : Filius tuus vivit : et credidit ipse et domus Ejus tota.

English translation

At that time, there was a certain ruler whose son was sick at Capernaum. Having heard that Jesus came to Judea from Galilee, they went with Him and prayed to Him to come down and to heal his son, for he was at the point of death.

Jesus therefore said to him, “Unless you see signs and wonders, you do not believe.” The ruler said to Him, “Lord, come down before my son die.” Jesus said to him, “Go on your way, your son will live.” The man believed the word which Jesus said to him, and went his way.

And as he was going down, his servants met him, and they brought word, saying, that his son lived. He asked therefore of them, the hour wherein he grew better. And they said to him, “Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.” The father therefore knew that it was at the same hour that Jesus said to him, ‘Your son lives,’ and he himself believed, and his whole house.

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