Cardinals Update: Passing of Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia, Librarian Emeritus of the Vatican Apostolic Library and Archivist Emeritus of the Vatican Secret Archives (Argentina), at the age of 91


Cardinal Jorge Maria Mejia, Cardinal-Priest of S. Girolamo della Carita pro hac vice Title, has passed away on Tuesday, 9 December 2014 at the age of 91. He was the Librarian of the Vatican Apostolic Library and the Archivist of the Vatican Secret Archives from 1998 to 2003, in charge of the various collections of the Vatican and the Holy See, of documents and various other objects under the care of the Apostolic See. He was also Secretary for the Congregation for Bishops and the College of Cardinals before taking up the aforementioned role.


Cardinal Mejia was created Cardinal in 2001 by Pope St. John Paul II in his eighth Cardinal creation consistory on 21 February 2001. His motto was “Ipse est pax nostra” which means ‘He Himself is our peace’, a reminder that our Lord Jesus Christ brings peace into the world, and in His Good News we can find true peace. It is this peace which Cardinal Mejia had worked hard for many years, and to which peace he is now going to.



We pray for Cardinal Mejia, that he will rest in peace, and God will reward him for all his hard and great work as the long time servant of God for the ministries and good works he had done for the sake of God and His people in the entire Universal Church in his dedication and work in the Roman Curia, in helping those who are dealing with health care and care of the sick around the world. May the Lord welcome him into His embrace in heaven and give him eternal rest and happiness that he deserved.

With the passing of Cardinal Mejia, and the recent aging out of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, S.D.B., the College of Cardinals now stands at 208 members, with 112 Cardinal-electors and 96 Cardinal non-electors. The number of Cardinal-electors now is 8 below the specified maximum limit of 120.

There are now 8 Cardinal-elector vacancy in the College of Cardinals, 0 vacant Cardinal Suburbicarian Sees (for Cardinal Bishops), 5 vacant Cardinal Titles (for Cardinal Priests) and 11 vacant Cardinal Deaconries (for Cardinal Deacons).

New Cardinals and their assigned Churches in Rome, Consistory of 22 February 2014

On the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter, on Saturday, 22 February 2014, the Vicar of Christ and Bishop of Rome, Leader of the Universal Church, Pope Francis elevates 19 new Cardinals to the Cardinalate by the bestowal of the red biretta, 15 of which are of the order of priests (Cardinal Priests) and 4 of which are of the order of deacons (Cardinal Deacons).

3 of the new Cardinals are non-electors, being above the age of 80, appointed purely as honorary Cardinals for their service to the Church, and the other 16 Cardinals are voting-age Cardinals (below 80), and will be eligible to vote for the next Pope in the next Conclave until they reach the age of 80.

The College of Cardinals now stands at 218 members, with 122 Cardinal-electors and 96 Cardinal non-electors as of 22 February 2014.

In total, 2 new Cardinal churches in Rome are created, 1 for Cardinal Titular church and 1 for Cardinal deaconry.There are as of now, 0 vacant Cardinal Title, and 6 vacant Cardinal Deaconries.


Cardinal Deaconries :

1. Pietro Cardinal Parolin, Cardinal Secretary of State

Cardinal Deaconry of Ss. Simone e Giuda Taddeo e Torre Angela (New Deaconry)


2. Lorenzo Cardinal Baldisseri, Secretary of the Synod of Bishops and College of Cardinals

Cardinal Deaconry of S. Anselmo all’Aventino


3. Gerhard Ludwig Cardinal Muller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Cardinal Deaconry of S. Agnese in Agone


4. Beniamino Cardinal Stella, Prefect of the Congregation for Clergy

Cardinal Deaconry of Ss. Cosma e Damiano


Cardinal Titles :

1. Vincent Gerard Cardinal Nichols, Metropolitan Archbishop of Westminster (UK)

Cardinal Title of Ss. Redentore e S. Alfonso in Via Merulana


2. Leopoldo Jose Cardinal Brenes Solorzano, Metropolitan Archbishop of Managua (Nicaragua)

Cardinal Title of S. Gioacchino ai Prati di Castello


3. Gerald Cyprien Cardinal Lacroix, Metropolitan Archbishop of Quebec (Canada)

Cardinal Title of Giuseppe all’Aurelio


4. Jean-Pierre Cardinal Kutwa, Metropolitan Archbishop of Abidjan (Ivory Coast/Cote d’Ivoire)

Cardinal Title of S. Emerenziana a Tor Fiorenza


5. Orani Joao Cardinal Tempesta, Metropolitan Archbishop of Sao Sebastiao do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

Cardinal Title of S. Maria Madre della Provvidenza e Monte Verde


6. Gualtiero Cardinal Bassetti, Metropolitan Archbishop of Perugia-Citta della Pieve (Italy)

Cardinal Title of S. Cecilia


7. Mario Aurelio Cardinal Poli, Metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Cardinal Title of S. Roberto Bellarmino


8. Andrew Cardinal Yeom Soo-jung, Metropolitan Archbishop of Seoul (South Korea)

Cardinal Title of S. Crisogono


9. Ricardo Cardinal Ezzati Andrello, Metropolitan Archbishop of Santiago (Chile)

Cardinal Title of Ss. Redentore a Valmelaina


10. Philippe Nakellentuba Cardinal Ouedraogo, Metropolitan Archbishop of Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Cardinal Title of S. Marie Consolatrice al Tiburtino


11. Orlando Beltran Cardinal Quevedo, Metropolitan Archbishop of Cotabato (Philippines)

Cardinal Title of S. Maria ‘Regina Mundi’ a Torre Spaccata


12. Chibly Cardinal Langlois, Bishop of Les Cayes (Haiti)

Cardinal Title of S. Giacomo in Augusta (New Title)


13. Loris Francesco Cardinal Capovilla, Titular Archbishop of Mesembria, Personal Secretary to Blessed Pope John XXIII

Cardinal Title of S. Maria in Trastevere


14. Fernando Cardinal Sebastian Aguilar,  Metropolitan Archbishop Emeritus of Pamplona y Tudela (Spain)

Cardinal Title of S. Angela Merici


15. Kelvin Cardinal Edward Felix,  Metropolitan Archbishop Emeritus of Castries (Saint Lucia)

Cardinal Title of S. Maria della Salute a Primavalle

Bishop Mario Aurelio Poli, Bishop of Santa Rosa, appointed new Metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires


In his first appointment of bishop, Pope Francis appointed his successor as the Metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires, which was Pope Francis’ former seat, as Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio.

Bishop of Santa Rosa and former Auxiliary Bishop of Buenos Aires, Mario Aurelio Poli, was appointed today as the new Metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Coat of arms of Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, S.J., now Pope Francis


This is the coat of arms of Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio, S.J., Metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, who was elected as the 266th Pope and Bishop of Rome last Wednesday, 13 March 2013 and chosen the name Pope Francis.

Pope Francis used his episcopal motto “Miserando atque Eligendo” which means “Lowly but chosen” in English, in line with his views and outlook on humility.

The Cardinal’s fifteen red tassels and the galero on top of it will be replaced by the papal arms standard including the papal tiara/mitre and the crossed keys of the kingdom of heaven (silver and gold).

The symbols that appeared on the shield are first, the IHS symbol surrounded with a sun-like ray is the symbol of the Jesuit order (S.J.) of which Pope Francis is a member of, and the star on the bottom-left, in conjunction with the blue colouration of the shield represents the Virgin Mary, and the grape on the bottom right represents Jesus Christ, as the grower of the vineyard of the Lord.

Pope Francis : First day as Pope, Visit to Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore


On his first day as Pope, on Thursday morning, 14 March 2013, Pope Francis made his surprise visit to the Papal Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore (St. Mary Major) to ask for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary for his Pontificate.

State of the College of Cardinals upon the election of Pope Francis as the new Supreme Pontiff

On the beginning of the 2013 Papal Conclave, there are 207 Cardinals in total, out of which 117 are Cardinal-electors (including Cardinal Walter Kasper who turned 80 during the Sede Vacante) and 90 Cardinal non-electors (over 80)

With the election of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio to the position of the Bishop of Rome, as Pope Francis, the 266th Pope and Bishop of Rome, and with Cardinal Walter Kasper, being already over 80, lost his voting rights in any future Conclave :

The current College of Cardinals as of Thursday, 14 March 2013 consists of 206 Cardinals, out of which 115 are Cardinal-electors, and 91 are Cardinal non-electors.

Official Video by the Vatican on the Election of Pope Francis, 266th Pope and Bishop of Rome

The official video released by the Vatican in YouTube, with full coverage of the election of the Metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jorge Maria Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope Francis, 266th Pope and Bishop of Rome, and the 265th Successor of St. Peter the Apostle.