Pope Benedict XVI after retirement : What will he wear and how to address him


Pope Benedict XVI, after his retirement at 8.00 pm on Thursday, 28 February 2013, will be known as the Bishop Emeritus of Rome, and therefore can be addressed as such, as His Holiness Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, or Roman Pontiff Emeritus.

Pope Benedict XVI will also abandon his red papal shoes and wear a brown shoes given to him at Leon, Mexico, and he will also wear a white cassock as he wear now, but without the shoulder cape or more appropriately known as the pellegrini (not mozzetta as mentioned here, as mozzetta is of a very different type, and red in colour for Popes).

He will also wear the Episcopal ring he had from the time when he was Cardinal Ratzinger (given by Pope Paul VI in 1977), as the Ring of the Fisherman he received in 2005 will be destroyed, similar to what happened when a Pope passed away.

What will happen at the last days of the Pope and the day when he retires (28 February 2013) by Salt and Light TV


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

10.30 am – Pope Benedict XVI’s last General Audience at St. Peter’s Square (Pope’s farewell to the faithful around the world)


Thursday, 28 February 2013

11.00 am – Pope Benedict XVI’s last private meeting with the College of Cardinals in Sala Clementina

5.30 pm – Pope Benedict XVI leaves for Castel Gandolfo by the helicopter

8.00 pm – Pope Benedict XVI’s Papacy ends, sede vacante begins (no Pope present in the Church)


All time listed above are in CET (Central European Time) or UTC+1 hour


Conclave may begin between 9 March 2013 and 11 March 2013 as announced by the Vatican officials.

Explanation on the changes brought by Motu Proprio Normas Nonnullas on the Conclave


Modifications to the Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis that regulates the Papal Conclave, as explained in English by Vatican Insider, with three main changes highlighted :


1. Conclave can begin earlier than 15 days after the vacancy of the See of Rome, but the exact date depends entirely on the College of Cardinals.

2. Cardinal-electors can opt not to attend the Conclave based on health and other valid reasons, but otherwise, all electors should attend, and those with the rights should not be impeded attendance at the Conclave.

3. All people locked inside the Conclave, including even the laity must take the oath of secrecy, the same as that of the Cardinals. More specific latae sententiae excommunication is given immediately to those who broke the oath during and even after the Conclave, unless permission given by the new Pope.

5,000 views : Thanks be to God and pray for me to persevere, and ever be enlightened by the Spirit in my writings

My blog has reached its 5,000th view, and I thank God for all the support and guidance He has given me all this while, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit He has given me, to write all on the matters of the faith, that all of us can grow together further in our faith, and our love of Him.

Pray for me that I will always persevere, to never be tired of serving the Lord, both through my service at the Altar, and through my humble writings in this blog. I apologise if there are any mistakes in my blog, whether it be content or language. Please correct me if you find any, and do not hesitate to do so. May God bless all of us and bless His Holy Church!


Statistics :

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Days since beginning : 41


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69. Cambodia : 2

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71. Oman : 1

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79. Papua New Guinea : 1

80. Honduras : 1

81. Egypt : 1

82. Albania : 1

83. Gibraltar (UK) : 1


+Ut Omnes Unum Sint, ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam+

(That they all may be One, for the greater glory of God)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 : 2nd Week of Lent (Gospel Reading)

Matthew 23 : 1-12

Then Jesus said to the crowds and to His disciples, “The teachers of the Law and the Pharisees have sat down on the chair of Moses. So you shall do and observe all they say, but do not do as they do, for they do not do what they say. They tie up heavy burdens and load them on the shoulders of the people, but they do not even raise a finger to move them.”

“They do everything in order to be seen by people : they wear very wide bands of the Law around their foreheads, and robes with large tassels. They enjoy the first paces at feasts and reserved seats in the synagogues, and they like being greeted in the marketplace, and being called ‘Master’ by the people.”

“But you, do not let yourselves be called Master, because you have only one Master, and all of you are brothers and sisters. Neither should you call anyone on earth Father, because you have only one Father, He who is in heaven. Nor should you be called Leader, because Christ is the only Leader for you.”

“Let the greatest among you be the servant of all. For whoever makes himself great shall be humbled, and whoever humbles himself shall be made great.”

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 : 2nd Week of Lent (Psalm)

Psalm 49 : 8-9, 16bc-17, 21, 23

Not for your sacrifices do I reprove you, for your burnt offerings are ever before Me. I need no bull from your stalls, nor he-goat from your pens.

What right have you to mouth My laws, or to talk about My Covenant? If you hate My commands and cast My words behind you.

Because I was silent while you did these things. You thought I was like you. But now I rebuke you and make this charge against you.

Those who give with thanks offerings honor Me, but the one who walks blamelessly, I will show him the salvation of God.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013 : 2nd Week of Lent (First Reading)

Isaiah 1 : 10, 16-20

Hear the warning of YHVH, rulers of Sodom. Listen to the word of God, people of Gomorrah : “Wash and make yourselves clean. Remove from My sight the evil of your deeds. Put an end to your wickedness and learn to do good. Seek justice and keep in line the abusers; give the fatherless their rights and defend the widow.”

“Come,” says the Lord, “let us reason together. Though your sins be like scarlet, they will be white as snow; though they be as crimson red, they will be white as wool. If you will obey Me, you will eat the goods of the earth; but if you resist and rebel, the sword will eat you instead.” Truly the Lord has spoken.

Cardinal Lubomyr Husar reaches age 80 and therefore becomes ineligible to vote in the Papal Conclave

Today, Tuesday, 26 February 2013, Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, Major Archbishop Emeritus of Kyiv-Halic, and thus the former leader of the Ukrainian Catholic Church (Eastern Rite Catholic Church) in full communion with Rome, turns 80, and by the rules laid out in the Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis, can no longer participate in the Conclave to elect the new Pope.

The College of Cardinals now stand at 208 members, with 117 electors (2 will not attend the Conclave in March 2013) and 91 non-electors.

We wish His Eminence a happy birthday and pray for him that God will always guide him and strengthen him, that even in his old age and retirement, he will still be able to do great things for the greater glory of God. May God bless Cardinal Husar and the Ukrainian Church. Amen!

Ad multos annos, Your Eminence!

Monday, 25 February 2013 : 2nd Week of Lent (Scripture Reflection)

We hear today, the call to do upon others, what we want to be done to ourselves. To show mercy and love to others, if we ourselves want to be shown mercy and to be loved. To care for others if we want to receive such care too, and to forgive others if we are to be forgiven. God wants us to love one another just as He has loved us, and through Christ, His Word, He taught us how to do so.

Many of us prefer to keep to ourselves and delve in our own pride and strength, and we often even bring harm to others either intentionally or unintentionally, in our quest to make ourselves better and better. We think that we ourselves are better and above the others. That we are above reproach, and that is why we like to judge others, comparing between us and them. It is very common that we look highly on ourselves, but this is what caused us to begin to judge and have prejudices against others around us.

But the Lord has brought with Him His commandments of love, which He taught us through Christ, His Son. What is this commandment of love? It is the command for us to love one another just as we love ourselves. We like to love ourselves, and we like to indulge in ourselves, but too often we neglect to see the plight in those around us, just because we are simply too focused on ourselves. There are much suffering in this world, and it is only us who can made a difference.

It is not easy to forgive someone who has done harm to us, and it is not easy to share our love with our enemies and those who hated us. It is definitely not easy to not to be prejudiced and be judgmental on someone, as very often we just jump to conclusions and form rapid judgment based on our flawed insight on others and what they do. It is also difficult for us to give, not only materially, but also in the form of spiritual gift, that is love to others. However, God wants us to begin to do all these, and to abandon our past, sinful ways. For if we do not begin to do all these, even from the smallest of steps, we will forever be mired in the cycle of sin, and therefore, death.

Through the Church, we have learnt the values of forgiveness, mercy, justice, and love. Let us therefore brothers and sisters, learn to do as the Lord has taught us to do. Not to wait for others first to forgive us or show love to us, but be proactive, for our Church is not a passive one, but an active and living one, and through our active actions, we can indeed make plenty of difference in our world today, beginning from those nearest to us, our families, our friends and relatives, and eventually those beyond, and most importantly those who hated us and disliked us.

Let us take the first step in all things, and very importantly, not to expect reciprocal behaviour from the other party. When we do things, do them sincerely, and out of pure love on others, on those who loved us, and on those who hated us. If we expect reciprocality, then we end up doing it out of reward and therefore we are being insincere. Rather, just do what we can, because first we love all our fellow brothers and sisters just as we love the Lord, and because we obey the Lord’s commandments. The things that Jesus mentioned today in the Gospel will come in due time, and will the Father not forgive us if we forgive those who sinned against us? Remember the Lord’s prayer.

For whatever good we do in this world, and when we do it in secret and humility, and when we do it for the greater glory of God, great is our reward in heaven. Do not wait for it, and do not look for it, for it will come only when we do not pause to seek our own glory, but continue in persistence and faith, to do what is good for our brothers and sisters in Christ. May God bless us, our missions, and all those around us, that all of us will be able to love one another in the love that is God, and forgive the faults of one another, that all of us will be found worthy of Christ our Lord. Amen.

English version of the Pope’s latest Motu Proprio : Normas Nonnullas


Here is the English version of the Motu Proprio Normas Nonnullas on the election of the Supreme Pontiff (Pope) by Zenit. Happy reading and God bless!