Thursday, 22 September 2016 : 25th Week of Ordinary Time (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Green
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, on this day as we listen to the Sacred Scriptures and paying attention to what we have heard from the words of the Book of Ecclesiastes, the Psalm and the Gospel according to St. Luke, we can hear a clear theme that speaks volumes about our mortality, and how we understand that reality, and how many of us in this world tend to fear that mortality and death, trying in vain to prevent it from happening.

Let us all spend some time to reflect on this, even as we live our lives in this world. Let us all think at all those times when we mankind tend to spend so much time and opportunities in trying to secure for ourselves a place of honour in this world, trying to attain for ourselves greater glory, honour, praise, fame and all other things which if we realise, have often occupied our minds and efforts for a long time.

How many people spend so much in order to secure for themselves position and wealth in the world, doing things that sometimes even bring harm upon others and themselves, just so that they may have a taste of more of what they wanted and desired for in this world? And some others even used methods that are dishonest and wicked to garner for themselves more of the worldly pleasures they crave for.

These are our shortcomings, brothers and sisters in Christ, the greed that exist inside each one of us, that is always tied to the temptations and persuasions that were designed to distract us and pull us away from the path towards the salvation in God. And that is what Satan is trying to pull on us too, brethren! He is trying very hard to keep us all ignorant and unaware of the reality of our lives, how the pursuit of all these things lead to no benefit at all in the long run.

But all of us who believe in Christ must wake up from all these illusions and falsehoods, and come to realise the truth about ourselves and how we all one day will reach the end of our earthly existence. We must be aware that we are not going to carry on all of our earthly possessions with us when we die, and no matter what we do, our fate is in the hands of the Lord.

Yes, brethren, we mankind may have all the plans that we have made and concocted in this world, but whatever plan it is, it is the Lord’s will that will be triumphant in the end. We will all face the end of our earthly life, and yet we do not know when this will happen, for only the Lord Himself would know exactly when that will come to happen. And He shall call us all back to Him to be judged when He deems it fit for us and it is time for us to face it.

We mankind tend to fear death because many of us do not truly know what death is. We think that death is something to be feared because it brings about uncertainty, hopelessness, despair, and ultimately, separation from all the things that we cared about and desired in this world. It is that selfish desire which lead mankind to fear, and from fear into doing things which are acts and attempts to preserve whatever we have in this world, but eventually, everything is futile without God.

Now let us all ask ourselves, what is the purpose and intention we have for our respective lives? Is it to gather for ourselves earthly treasures or heavenly inheritance instead? It is easy for us to fall into the trap of earthly and worldly desires, as we have that tendency to want and to desire all these worldliness, but if we are able to gather the resolve and resist the temptation, and begin to walk on the path towards our heavenly inheritance in God, we will find our way.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us all therefore commit ourselves to this path towards the Lord, abandoning our worldliness and resist the temptations of the devil. May all of us draw ever closer to God, and learn to love Him with all of our heart and minds, focusing all that we have in this life in order to bring greater glory to His Name and not to our own, for we are mere mortal creatures, who live at the will and grace of the Lord our God. Amen.

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