(Usus Antiquior) Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary (Double II Classis) – Wednesday, 7 October 2020 : Epistle

Liturgical Colour : White

Lectio Libri Sapientiae – Lesson from the Book of Wisdom

Proverbs 8 : 22-24, 32-35

Dominus possedit me in initio viarum suarum, antequam quidquam faceret a principio. Ab aeterno ordinata sum et ex antiquis, antequam terra fieret. Nondum erant abyssi, et ego jam concepta eram.

Nunc ergo, filii, audite me : Beati, qui custodiunt vias meas. Audite disciplinam, et estote sapientes, et nolite abjicere eam. Beatus homo, qui audit me et qui vigilat ad fores meas cotidie et observat ad postes ostii mei. Qui me invenerit, inveniet vitam et hauriet salutem a Domino.

English translation

The Lord possessed me in the beginning of His ways, before He made anything, from the beginning, I was set up from eternity, and of old, before the earth was made. The depths were not as yet, and I was already conceived.

Now therefore, you children, hear me, “Blessed are they who keep my ways. Hear instruction, and be wise, and do not refuse it. Blessed is the man who heard me, and who watched daily at my gates, and waited at the posts of my doors. He who shall find me, shall find life, and shall have salvation from the Lord.”

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