Wednesday, 14 June 2017 : 10th Week of Ordinary Time (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Green
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, on this day, the Lord Jesus reminded us that He came into this world in order to fulfil the Law and the prophecies made by the prophets, for all of them came eventually from God, and Jesus also came from the same God, the Father Who sent His Son, in order to save this world, and all of us mankind, by the revelation of truth and the salvation He offered us all through His sacrifice on the cross.

God gave us all His Law so that through His Law, we may be able to find our way to Him, for obeying the Law means for us to live according to what the Lord had taught us, in being faithful to Him, and in making ourselves worthy of Him and worthy of His love. If we are not able to follow His commandments and laws, how can we then expect to receive the fullness of His grace and love?

That was what He criticised of the Pharisees and the teachers of the Law, for their hypocrisy in teaching the laws, passed down onto them from Moses. The worldly concerns and desires of men had twisted the original, true and pure intention of the Law, such that the divine law of God had ended up becoming merely human laws, to serve human interests rather than God’s interests.

And worse still, as often mentioned in the Gospels, they did not act in the way that they had preached. They preached one thing but acted in a different way. That made them to be hypocrites, and that was why Jesus was not amused by the way they had behaved themselves before the people. And that is not what He wants from each and every one of us Christians, Who ought to be following His ways.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, what does this mean for us? It means that all of us who are Christians and indeed call ourselves as Christians cannot be idle in our faith, or worse still, acting like how the Pharisees had acted, by doing what is contrary to our faith in God. Imagine how would others think about us and our faith, should we, who are Christians, act in the most un-Christian manner?

We cannot be Christians on paper only, or as an act of formality only. We cannot pick and choose what we want to believe in, or decide what we are to believe in the faith we have in God. When the Lord gave His Law to His people, and all of His commandments, He never allowed or permitted them to choose which law or commandment they can believe in and which one they are free to ignore or reject.

In the same manner, therefore, all of us must also be obedient to the entirety of the Law and the commandments of God. We must listen to what the Lord Jesus had told His disciples on how to obey the Lord with our hearts, minds, souls, and indeed with our whole beings. We must do our best to love and serve the Lord our God, with all of our words, actions and deeds. That is the most important commandment of all, and we have to do it by rejecting all that is wicked and un-Christian in our actions.

And by doing so, we will also have obeyed the Lord’s other commandment, that is for us to love our fellow men, our brothers and sisters in the same Lord, with genuine love, concern, care and attention. We must show love to our brethren, be kind on others, and refrain from all sorts of actions that can bring pain, both physically or mentally to our brethren.

These are what all of us as Christians must do. We must devote ourselves to what the Lord had taught us to do. Let us all devote ourselves to the Lord and obey His will through His laws and commandments, seeking to be ever more faithful from time to time. May the Lord bless us all, and may He love us always with His loving grace. Amen.

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