Saturday, 6 May 2017 : 3rd Week of Easter (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : White
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today we listened to the words of the Scripture, speaking to us about the works of the Apostles, especially that of St. Peter as he went about many places to spread the Good News of the Lord, the many miraculous deeds he had done. And then in the Gospel we heard how the disciples and the people who followed Jesus complained about what He had said to them, and many of them left Jesus behind afterwards.

To them, the words that Jesus said was too hard to be understood, and they all found it impossible to believe that this Man would give them His own Body for them to eat, and His Blood for them to drink. For them such a feat was a nonsense, and that was because they did not have a strong faith in the Lord. They only followed Him because of what He had done before them, which amazed them, but they did not have true faith in Him.

That was why, the moment that their faith in Him was tested, they quickly abandoned Him, an explanation for why the same people who have welcomed the Lord Jesus into Jerusalem as King, and glorified Him with the singing of Hosanna and exultant praise, would in the same week, within less than a week’s time, denounced Him and cried out for His death, crying out, ‘Crucify Him!’.

But that is not the way with those who believed in Him. For even though they were tested in their faith, they did not give up or falter, but persevered on through with their faith, despite facing persecution and opposition, rejection and challenges, difficulties and threats in life. That was what the Apostles and the faithful disciples of the Lord had done, witnessing to the same truth which Christ Himself had preached to the people.

It would have been easy for the Lord and for His disciples if He had come to preach a message that is easy to be understood and easy to be accepted by the people. But that was not what the Lord had done. He told them the truth and nothing but the plain truth about Himself, and also about the people who lived at that time, including the reality about their sins, their wicked way of life, and all the other things that would have made those seeking for popularity cringed, because these are the things that they would not have said if they wanted to be popular among the people.

Yet, that is exactly what the Apostles had done, what they had stood for, being the witnesses for the events and the truth which the Lord had brought with Him into this world. Just as the world had rallied against Him and rejected Him, it had also therefore persecuted and brought great difficulties and challenges against those who followed Him and professed their faith with Him.

That is what all of us as Christians must realise even as we continue carrying on our daily living, that we have to be aware that following the Lord is not a trivial and easy thing to do. Much will be expected from us if we are to be true disciples of the Lord. We are all the successors of the Apostles and the disciples of the Lord, and therefore, just as those venerable servants of God had laboured to spread the truth about the Lord and His saving love, we too are expected to do the same.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, in our world today, there exists still a lot of people who have not yet heard of the good deeds of the Lord, or are ignorant of Him, or even those who have rejected Him, those who have been misguided and led away from Him. Let us all be the beacons of light to help these brethren of ours so that they may be able to find their way to Him, together with us, so that each and every one of us may find the salvation in God.

Let us be exemplary in our faith, practicing our faith through actions that show genuine faith and belief in the Lord, and strive to stand up for that faith, showing that what the Lord had done for us is a reality, and as something that everyone need to pay attention to, so that all of them may attain the salvation and eternal life God had promised them.

May the Lord bless us and all of our endeavours, and may He empower us with courage and strength, so that despite difficulties, challenges and opposition, and despite stubbornness shown by others around us, we may continue to be faithful to the Lord, and therefore inspire many more people to follow the Lord. May God be with us all, now and forevermore. Amen.

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