Wednesday, 19 July 2017 : 15th Week of Ordinary Time (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Green
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, on this day all of us heard how Moses was called by God to be His servant and as the one through whom God would liberate His people Israel. At that time, Moses was in exile from Egypt, having fled from there because he killed an Egyptian officer who struck at one of his fellow Israelite, enslaved in Egypt.

God called Moses through the burning bush, from which He spoke to him, calling him and revealing to him Who He truly was. When Moses asked Him for His identity, He simply answered, ‘I AM WHO AM’, the Name by which God was known to the people of Israel and to their ancestors, as the One Who established the covenant with Abraham and which He renewed to his descendants.

And thus, even though Moses was unsure at first, and was filled with doubt on his ability to lead the people of God out of Egypt, but God did not stop calling him, instead encouraging him and giving him the strength to carry on what would be an arduous task of facing the ruler of Egypt, the Pharaoh and demanding from him to release the people of Israel from their bondage and allow them to return to their land in Canaan.

The Lord revealed Himself to Moses, who then in turn, revealed Him to the people of Israel. It is by this revelation that God made Himself evident to those who believe in Him, and consequently they were saved. Meanwhile, the Pharaoh continued to harden his heart and refused to let the people of Israel go, because in his pride and his trust for worldly power, he refused to bend down to the will of God, and instead, continued to oppress God’s people.

But God broke the power of the mighty, including that of the Pharaoh, and gave help to those who are weak and are burdened, since these people believed in Him and called on Him in their time of need. God protected them and gave them His assistance through various means, including what we have heard and known about how He liberated the Israelites through Moses, His faithful servant.

How are all of these relevant to us, brothers and sisters in Christ? First of all, we have to realise that all of us, who belong in the Church, have received that privilege of knowing the truth, truth which has been passed down to us through the Church, and which ultimately came from the Lord Himself, Who revealed to us about His most loving deeds, by which He wanted to save us from damnation.

Yet, what is it that many of us Christians have done? It is often that even though we knew the truth, and even though we are aware of just how much God has loved us, but we pretend as if we do not know about all of that. We pretend to be ignorant or indeed we are ignorant of this truth. We have heard the Word of God, and yet the Word of God did not take roots in us, and we continued with our lives as if nothing has changed.

Many of us also did not realise just how much it is that God had done for our sake, since although we know the Lord, but we are so preoccupied and busy with our daily occupations, works and whatever it is, that we ended up forgetting about Him and not paying attention to whatever it is that He had done for us. We are so busy that we fail to realise that God is always there guiding us in our path and actively working to bring us back to Him, to be reconciled with Him.

This is where all of us need to take a step back and reflect on what it is that we can do in order to be more faithful to the Lord, and to realise more what we can do in order to bring ourselves closer to God and His love. He is always there for us, and He will guide us to the right paths, but we need to learn to trust in Him, and obey Him as Moses had obeyed Him, and walked in His paths.

May the Lord strengthen our faith, and may He continue to reveal to us His everlasting and wonderful love, the love which He had showered us with from the time when He created each and every one of us. May He empower us and give us the courage to continue living as faithful and devoted people of the Lord. Amen.

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