Tuesday, 14 November 2017 : 32nd Week of Ordinary Time (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Green

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, in today’s Scripture passages, we heard how all of us mankind are God’s servants, and all of us are created by God’s love, and we are created as God’s children and servants. And as children and servants, all of us must obey the will of God our Father, Creator and Master. Yet, we know how mankind have sinned and disobeyed the Lord, through our sins.

And the just consequence for sin is death, as sin separates us from God, the Lord and Master of all life. Without God, we cannot exist, and we shall only suffer in the absence of God’s love and grace. And that is what was going to happen to all of us to our immortal soul, cast in the darkness away from God’s love. For while the body and the flesh is finite and mortal, but the soul is immortal.

If we do not walk in God’s ways and continue to sin against Him, then our lot will be that of eternal damnation and suffering, not because of the fires of hell which is often in our imagination and understanding of what hell is about, but rather because we have no hope of escape from the torment in hell. And the suffering to be experienced in hell is caused by the total separation between us, from God’s love. That eternal suffering come about because of the sundering, where in an eternity of despair we know that there is no escape for us from that state.

This is the eternal torment, knowing that there is no way forward for us except to endure forever this separation from God’s love. And this is what each and every one of us Christians should do our best in order to avoid falling into this state. Yet, many of us continue to ignore God’s reminders and warnings, even though He has endlessly tried to remind us via various means, calling us to return to Him and to be reconciled with Him.

We live at a time when we tend to put God aside, and focus on the many distractions that exist in this world, to the point that we forget about Him. We often find excuse so as we do not have to follow His ways, and we are often too preoccupied in doing our daily businesses that we end up failing to be good disciples of the Lord. As a result, that is why there are so many of us who are in danger of falling into eternal damnation, if we do not do anything about our current state of grace and faith.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, all of us ought to take note that we should no longer allow the temptations of this world to sway us to do whatever it is that the devil wants us to do. Instead, we should let the Holy Spirit to be the Guide of our lives, rather than allowing our human desires to guide our ways. We must persevere through many challenges and even oppositions to our way of life, if we are to live according to God’s ways.

But let us now ask ourselves, have we let the Lord through His Holy Spirit to guide our lives? Too often, we are so stubborn in our ways that we want to forge our own path. Yet we have to realise that in God alone lies our only hope, and it is He alone Who is worthy of trust. If we rely solely on our human power, abilities and talents, we are bound to fail, for without God, nothing that we can do will truly be successful.

And ultimately in the end, we have to render accounts of each of our own lives, what we have achieved and done, in this opportunity given to us by the Lord. If we are not faithful, and wander away in sin, we will be judged by those sins, and our souls will be in great danger of damnation. Is that what we want, brethren? An eternity in suffering? Does it worth a lifetime of joy and pleasure, that is insignificant compared to an eternity of damnation?

Let us all renew our commitment to the Lord from now on, brothers and sisters in Christ, so that in everything we say, do and act, we will try our best to be righteous and to obey the commandments of Our Lord, that is to put the Lord as the priority and focus of our lives, and to love Him and our fellow men wholeheartedly. May the Lord help us in our endeavour, and may He continue to guide us on our path. Amen.

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