Tuesday, 30 January 2018 : 4th Week of Ordinary Time (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Green

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today we continue the discourse of the Scripture readings from yesterday, regarding the civil war between king David of Israel on one side, and on the other side, Absalom, David’s son who was supported by many of the nobles and the people of Israel. David had to flee from the capital city of Jerusalem, bringing many of his loyalists with him. Eventually, as much as David did not want to face off with his son in the battlefield, circumstances forced him to do so.

David had to face Absalom in battle, and when Absalom was losing and fleeing the battle, as we heard in our first reading today, his hair was caught among the tree branches, and the commander of David’s guards, Joab, when he heard about what happened to Absalom and how no one dared to harm him, took his own initiative and killed Absalom who was trapped and helpless.

As we heard from what happened next, David was devastated by the news of his son’s death. This actually resembled what David also had done, when he heard the news of his predecessor’s death at Mount Gilboa, when king Saul committed suicide to avoid being captured by the Philistines. David was truly sorrowful and filled with anguish, when he heard about the horrible news.

This showed that despite all the bitterness that often arose because of civil wars, disagreements and conflicts, David still loved his son, Absalom, and also revere his king, Saul when Saul was still alive. This is showing the quality of a person of David’s calibre, and a very good reason why he was likely chosen by God to be His king to rule over Israel. He was upright, just, loving and compassionate, even to his enemies and all those who have wronged him.

Joab, the commander of the guard certainly did not agree with king David. Right after the events portrayed in the first reading today, he admonished the king for having turned what should have been a celebration for the victory against the rebel forces into a lamentation and sorrowful wailing for the deceased Absalom. But Joab was thinking in the manner of the world, and he was not aware of the love which David had for his son, despite all that the son had done towards him.

In the same way, if we look at the Gospel passage today, Our Lord Jesus had mercy on all of us mankind, those whom He loved despite all those who have sinned against Him, as He showed us when He healed the woman who had bleeding problems for many years, as well as the time when He raised up the daughter of the synagogue official from the dead, calling on her to return to life.

Through this, all of us should be aware that each and every one of us are precious to the Lord, no matter what we have done to antagonise and to make Him angry. Just like Absalom who is still beloved by his father, David, all of us are also still loved. But many of us do not realise this fact, and we continue going down the path of our rebellion and disobedience, ultimately to our downfall.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, let us all be like the woman who had bleeding issue, that even though we may be afraid or unsure, but we should be courageous enough to seek out the Lord and by wanting to be healed. Let us allow the Lord to touch our lives, that by His actions and works in our lives, we will be transformed thoroughly, from what was once creatures of sin and darkness, into a new people living in the light.

May God be with us always, and may He bless us all with His grace. May He empower us all to live ever more faithfully day after day, doing our very best to walk in His ways and by drawing ever closer to Him, Our loving God and Father. Amen.

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