Friday, 3 March 2023 : 1st Week of Lent (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Purple/Violet

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today as we listened to the words of the Scriptures, we are all reminded to be truly faithful to the Lord and not just merely paying lip service or maintaining an appearance of being faithful, or worse still to make a show of our faith in order to gain praise and acclamation from others. Such a faith is not what we as Christians are expected to have, and we should not also allow the temptations of the world to prevent us from being truly faithful to God. God has given us many means and help through which we all can get closer to Him and find our way to Him, but it is really up to us whether we want to follow Him and commit ourselves to His path, as we have been given the freedom to choose our path in life, whether we want to obey the Lord or whether we want to continue down the path of sin and evil.

In our first reading today, we heard from the Book of the prophet Ezekiel in which God told His people through Ezekiel how everyone will be judged and have their fates determined by each and every one of their actions and deeds, their words and interactions in life. The Lord essentially told His people that there is no one who is already condemned from the beginning, and opportunity is always provided to all those who seek for reconciliation with Him. God is always ever generous with His love and mercy, and He never ceases to love us all, caring for us and giving us the necessary guidance and help in life, so that by all these, He hopes that each and every one of us may find salvation through Him, and be truly free from our bondage and enslavement by sin. Sin is a great enemy to all of us, and one which we have to overcome in order for us to come closer to God.

The Lord told His people that those who were considered as righteous can fall into sin and be damned for their sins they committed, if those sins truly were serious and were not repented or overcome, forgiven by God and absolved by Him. Meanwhile, all those considered and deemed as wicked, evil and sinful, could be saved if they repented from their sins and change their ways. The Lord will forgive all those who came seeking Him and His forgiveness, with the sincere and real desire to love Him and to return to Him, and this is what the Lord wanted all of His people, including all of us to know. Back then, during the time of the prophet Ezekiel, the people of God had suffered a lot and been humbled and thrown down, for all the wickedness that they and their ancestors had committed, and even so, God still loved each and every one of them, and desired for them to be reconciled with Him.

He called on them to return to Him, and gave them help, reassurance and assistance all throughout their way, sending His prophets, messengers and guides to them, and eventually, even His own beloved Son, the One promised to be the Saviour of all mankind, Our Lord Jesus Christ. In our Gospel passage today, the Lord said to His disciples of how they ought to be truly faithful and dedicated to God, and that they have to be genuine in their beliefs, and their way of life ought to truly reflect of their status as God’s beloved children and people, and that is, they have to be truly good and righteous in all of their ways and actions. Otherwise, if we profess to believe in God and yet act in ways that are contrary to our faith and beliefs, we are then no better than hypocrites and unbelievers in our faith and way of life, and worse still, we can even cause scandal for our faith and tarnish the Lord’s Holy Name.

We have to be truly faithful to God, filled with love and devotion to Him, and also love for our fellow brothers and sisters, as best as we are able to. In that same Gospel passage, the Lord spoke against those whose faith were superficial and all those who despised their fellow brethren, or had evil or bad intent against them. All of these were just as what the prophet Ezekiel had spoken before the people, that all those who commit bad and wicked deeds will be judged by their evil and sinful deeds, by their actions in bringing harm and suffering on others, or by their lack of care and attention to others, in being selfish and self-centred in their attitudes. Instead, as Christians, as all those who profess to believe in the Lord, all of us are called to be filled with the virtues, righteousness and love of God in all things. Unless we are truly filled with all these, it may be difficult for us to find our way back to the Lord, as they often become great obstacles in our path.

That is why during this season of Lent all of us are called and reminded of our calling and vocation as Christians, first of all to be holy just as the Lord our God is Holy. All of us are reminded that because God is our loving Father, as His children, all of us should reflect Him in our way of life and attitudes, in our actions and interactions with one another. All of us should spend this time and season of Lent growing ever stronger in our commitment to the Lord and His path. All of us should do whatever we can to live our lives with true Christian charity and generosity, doing everything we can to glorify the Lord by our lives. We should spend more time with the Lord, communicating with Him and listening to His words being spoken deep within our hearts and minds, turning away from the many distractions and temptations from all around us in this world.

That is why we should spend more time in prayer, reaching out to our most loving and caring Father in every possible opportunities, praying to Him and communicating with Him, listening to Him calling upon us to follow Him in the path He has pointed out to us and shown us. We should do whatever we can to restrain our worldly desires and distance ourselves from unhealthy attachments and distractions through our practice of fasting and abstinence, done with the right focus in helping us to come closer to the Lord and to His righteous and virtuous path instead of as a means of boasting and showing off of our faith to others. And lastly, we should continue to show more love, care and generosity through almsgiving and care, all of which we are called and encouraged to do more during this season of Lent, reminding us of our nature as Christians, as God’s beloved and holy people.

May the Lord continue to bless our every efforts and actions, and may He empower each and every one of us to live our lives more courageously and with greater commitment in His path and love. May He guide us and strengthen us to be ever stronger in standing up for His truth in our communities today, and to live our lives most faithfully as good and devout Christians, in every possible opportunities, and at all times. Amen.

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