Ordination of New Priests of the Archdiocese of Singapore : Fr. Edward Seah and Fr. Benedict Chng


Today, Tuesday, 8 August 2013, two new priests of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Singapore has been ordained by the Archbishop of Singapore, His Excellency Archbishop William Goh Seng Chye. Also present was the Archbishop Emeritus of Singapore, His Excellency Archbishop Nicholas Chia.

The ordination Mass was held at Church of the Holy Family earlier this morning. Let us pray for Fr. Edward Seah (left of the Archbishops) and Fr. Benedict Chng (right of the Archbishops), that in their new positions as the priests of God’s Church and shepherds of God’s people, they will always remain dedicated and committed to the people of God and remain holy and loving as God is.

God bless Fr. Edward Seah and Fr. Benedict Chng! Ad multos annos!

Full Video of the Inauguration and Installation Mass of the new Archbishop of Singapore, Archbishop William Goh


This is the full video of the Installation and Inauguration Mass of the new Archbishop of Singapore, Archbishop William Goh Seng Chye, which was held on Saturday, 24 May 2013, in the Cathedral of the Archdiocese of Singapore, Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

The video exists in seven parts (below)


Part I (Entrance) :


Part II (Archbishops’ Speech) :


Part III (Homily) :


Part IV (Executive Committee oath-taking) :


Part V (Liturgy of the Eucharist) :


Part VI (Communion) :


Part VII (Closing) :

Friday, 24 May 2013 : 7th Week of Ordinary Time, World Day of Prayer for the Church in China (Scripture Reflection)

Brothers, and sisters in Christ! Today, I announce to you a great news of great joy, especially for the Church in Singapore. For as of 18 May 2013, the Coadjutor Archbishop of Singapore had succeeded as the new Archbishop of Singapore, Archbishop William Goh Seng Chye. He was installed today at the cathedra of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the mother church of Singapore, and today also marked his inauguration as the ordinary of the Archdiocese, beginning the full extent of his ministry as bishop to the flock entrusted to him by the Lord in Singapore.

How is this then relevant to what we heard in the readings today, brothers and sisters in Christ? In fact, today’s readings are perfect for the occasion, because, today’s reading, in the Gospel in particular, deal with the intimacy of relationships between peoples. In the first reading, we heard about friendship and the type of friends we have and we can encounter in our daily lives.

In the Gospel then, we heard about another type of relationship, one that is even closer than friendship, that is marriage, which is a union between two persons, male and female, as ordained by God, that men should leave their parents and join with women, that they become one body, and from this union, spring forth new life, through procreation and birth of new children.

But there is yet still another, even more noble kind of relationship, one that is not explicitly mentioned in the Gospel today, but in fact has very large degree of similarity to it. That is the relationship that those in the Holy Orders with both God and with the Church which they serve, and which they lead. Those in the Holy Orders include all those who had been ordained by the authority passed down through the Apostles from Christ Himself, from our pope, to our bishops, and to our priests and deacons.

All are relationships that are sanctified by God, particularly in the case of marriage and the Holy Orders, in which we should always remember the words of Christ that, whatever God has made into one, no man and no angel should separate. No one may undo the union that God has sanctified and sealed, in the holy sacrament of matrimony and priesthood.

First then, let us begin with friendship. We may not have a sacrament of friendship, unlike marriage and priesthood, but true friendship itself is also holy, because true friendship must be based on love and purity of hearts and intention between the friends. Today’s first reading explained to us the different kinds of friends, because friends may indeed look superficially from outside like a good friend to us, but in fact, this ‘friend’ of ours is only using us up, either because we have material wealth or something that keeps this friend to remain at our side.

As long as we have this something, money, possession, or some other thing, this ‘friend’ will remain, but once we run out of this something, they will leave us, and sometimes do not be surprised that the ‘friend’ may even become an enemy. This is one of the thing warned by the first reading we heard today. We have to also take note of the parable of the prodigal son, where when the son has all the properties that he inherited from his father, he made many friends in the foreign land, and lived a happy but wasteful life. But those friends are not his true friends, because once his money dries up, they leave him and do not lift even their fingers to help him, until he has to work as a pig handler and even be tempted to eat the pig’s food due to his hunger. He has no friend!

What is true friendship then? True friends are friends who stand by us in times of joy, but even more importantly, they also stand by our side at our times of greatest sorrow. Not many people indeed will become our true friends, but once we have true friends in our life, true friendship, as long as we have love in ourselves, will last forever. Because true friendship is based not on material goods and possessions, or even human greed, but it is based on love, care, and compassion.

Thus, value the friendships we have and look beyond the veil of possessions and greed, in order to find out who are our true friends in life. True friends are not always those who join us in fun and happy things, in parties and celebrations, but are those who also care for us and protect us in our time of troubles and whenever we are downtrodden. All being said, we ourselves then too should strive to become true friends to those around us, particularly to those whom we love, and of course to our God.

Yes, Christ, our Lord and Saviour is also our friend, and He is friend to all mankind, to all the children of God, for remember that He Himself had said to His disciples that there is no greater love than that of a friend who gives up his life for the sake of his friend. And Jesus, our Saviour did just exactly that, because He died for all of us, giving up His life, and even though He was blameless and pure, He accepted damnation to death that through His death, we may gain a new life in Him, through His glorious resurrection.

Maintain this friendship and relationship that we have with Christ, with God, dear brothers and sisters in Christ. And how do we do that? Exactly by ensuring that we remained in God’s love and that ourselves and our hearts are always filled with God’s love, and in our actions, we always reflect Christ, our Lord, and become witnesses to His death and resurrection. And we also can help those among us who are least, weakest, ostracised, and abandoned, and in doing so, we are the friends of Jesus, and He is dear to us, just as we are dear to Him.

Then, after we have talked about friendship, let us continue on with a greater degree of relationship, that is marriage, which must be sealed in the sanctity of the sacrament of marriage. Marriage is only once in life and is eternal, between a man and a woman, as God ordained since the beginning of time, when He created Adam and Eve, the progenitor of all mankind.

Marriage is not merely physical relationship between two persons, that is filled with lust and desire. This kind of union is not marriage, but merely the fulfillment of human desires that may be corrupted by the evil one for his own purposes, and result in what we have seen in our world today, in the form of deviant form of ‘marriages’ that so many people champion, without realising that marriage is not something they should trifle with.

This is because marriage is ultimately about love, and again the love that I refer to over here, does not mean physical lust and sexual relationship between two persons, as these may form some part of marriage, but without true love, instead of a holy union of marriage, what we have is a perversion and sin before the eyes of God, essentially fornication and defilement of our own bodies, the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Marriage is about love, that is the spiritual relationship, both between the two persons, male and female, united in love, caring for one another, committed in times of joy and sorrow, united in body and spirit, sealed by God Himself. And marriage is also about the spiritual relationship between the couple with God, because with God as their anchor, love will always remain within the sacred marriage union of the married couple.

Marriage itself must also breath out love, and produce love. Because the fruit of marriage is in fact children, and children are the fruits of love between the man and woman united by God in the sacred and inviolable union. Children receive love from both of their respective parents, which then ultimately have its source in God. That is the key to having a functioning and loving family, that this love that is within the couple is shared and poured to others, particularly in the child, whom the couple have responsibility for, and as the fruit of their marriage.

Therefore, marriage must never be manipulated and falsified by modern innovations and inventions, which bar the ultimate purpose of marriage, that is to produce the fruits of love, that is the children, just as the Lord commands mankind, to be fruitful and multiply, and to be Lord over all the earth. Men and women He created them for this purpose, that they multiply and prosper, sharing love with one another.

Sadly, too many modern innovations, especially through scientific discoveries, had made marriage no longer life-producing, and instead, even cause death in certain cases. The use of contraceptives and birth-control mechanisms had transformed marriage such that marriage is no longer solely based on love, and on producing the fruits of love, but has moved it such that mankind now focus on the more immediate and worldly aspect of marriage, submitting themselves to their desire and lust, and seeking pleasure instead of love in marriage.

Abortion and other life-destroying actions, continue to destroy both the sanctity of marriage, and the sanctity of life, for in abortion, we destroy the very life and fruit of love which is the fruit of marriage. Many abortions also resulted from extramarital affairs and relations, which signify the importance of marriage as the necessary step in the union between man and woman, for anything that is conceived outside of marriage, is not sealed by God, and therefore, becoming much more prone to human weakness and evil, which leads to irresponsible acts such as abortion.

Divorce is yet another great evil, that destroys both marriage, and the family which are split and destroyed by this other, irresponsible act. Marriage should be based on love, and the children, the fruits of marriage and love, must get love from their parents. Divorce, which destroys this union between the husband and the wife, ruins not just the two persons involved, but also the children, who suffer even more from the separation between their parents. This is also in direct violation against what God has revealed through Christ, His Son, that whatever God had joined into one, through the sacred sacrament of matrimony, should never be divided by men.

Therefore, brothers and sisters in Christ, those among us who are couples in holy marriage, strive to empower your married life, that the Lord remains in it, and love remains the heart of your marriage, that the marriage will not become empty, and end in painful and sinful divorce, or extramarital affairs. Rather, as a family, all of you must be functional and do your part as members of the family, to love one another and love the Lord your God, that He will give you guidance through your married life.

Pray together often, and have your meals together often too. Bring your children together with you, and raise him or her together, as husband and wife, sharing with them the love that is between both of you, the love that originates from God Himself, that they too will have love within themselves. Prayer especially is important, because prayer will strengthen your faith, and it can strengthen the anchor of love you have in God, and in one another.

Time maybe scarce, brothers and sisters, in our busy modern world, with all its noises, and with all the careers and works we have taken upon ourselves. But, brethren, try your best to spend your time together as a family, especially with the children, so that your marriage will remain loving and happy, and will last for eternity.

Then, finally, let us go into the most special relationship that those in the Holy Orders have, particularly the bishop, and today, especially as those in Singapore commemorate the inauguration of the ministry of the new Archbishop, Archbishop William Goh, it is most appropriate to look into the intimate nature of the relationship that the bishop has, both with God, and with the Church.

Those in the Holy Orders, and those committing themselves to pious, religious life, do not marry, not because they disobey the Lord, but because they commit themselves to God and His people so much that, they are in fact married to God and His Church. They had become the bride of the Church upon their entry into the Holy Orders.

Does this relationship then bring about love and life? just as marriage does? Yes! definitely! For a priest, a bishop, and any ordained ministers, and those who commit themselves to God, share fully in the love of God, and through their ministry, they share this love with all the faithful in the Church, to whom they made themselves as conduits of God’s love, and also of God’s life.

They bring life through their ministry, through their words and actions, because they bring healing to those who are sick, maybe not physically, but most importantly spiritually. Many of us have become dead spiritually, because our hearts are empty. The priests recharge our dead spiritual selves and allow us to be alive again, through the life that God has granted us. Through evangelisation too, priests bring life, to those who listen to the Word of God and believe, that they receive new life through the waters of baptism.

For them, the Lord and the Church are their sole care, the people of God. They choose not for themselves any particular partner, so that they can make themselves available, to share the love of God, to all mankind, rather than to be limited in the family. But this does not mean that the family cannot share its love with others, only that those in the family will certainly need to put the priority of love, first and foremost, to the fruits of their marriage, that is their children, and the love they have for one another as husband and wife.

A bishop is even more intimately in a loving relationship with God and with His Church, because a bishop is like a chief shepherd, who loves all the sheep entrusted to him by the Chief of all shepherd, that is God. He must love the priests that have been placed under his care, just as he needs to love the people, the laity that had been entrusted to him. They are married to him, just as he too is married to the Lord, to be his most humble and dedicated servant, in the evangelisation of the Good News to all.

Therefore, brothers and sisters in Christ, let us inspire one another, and build good relationships among ourselves. Forgo our hatred and fear, and allow love and joy of companionship build up in all our hearts. Build healthy and strong relationships, be it friendship, or higher degree ones such as marriage or Holy Orders for those who chose either, and anchor them in love, and our faith in God. God will then surely bless all of us, with everlasting love and abundant blessings.

Finally, today, we also mark the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, which falls annually on 24 May. We show our care for the oppressed and persecuted faithful in China, by building concrete bridges of love, to reach out to them, and care for them, and pray for them especially, that they may be strong, to resist the temptations of the world, and that those who suffer will receive their due reward for their unfailing faith.

We are one Church, one Body in Christ, my brothers and sisters in Christ, from all over the world we had come, and into one we have become, that is one in the Church of God, the Universal Church He established on Peter, His apostle. No human power, no government, no form of oppression or persecution, will be able to separate what God has made into one, not even in the case of China. Therefore, pray hard, brothers and sisters in Christ, that liberation will soon come, not only for those oppressed in China for their faith, but also in North Korea, and other places, where injustice, and prejudices against the faith in God is still rampant, even till today.

Our Lady of Sheshan, protector of the faithful ones in China, pray for them, and pray for all of us. God be with us all, through joy and sorrow, and through this darkened world, and may He bring us into the light of salvation. Amen.

Installation, Inauguration, and Thanksgiving Mass for Archbishop William Goh Seng Chye, the new Archbishop of Singapore


The new Archbishop of Singapore, Archbishop William Goh Seng Chye, having taken over officially on Saturday, 18 May 2013 after the Holy See accepted the resignation of the now Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Chia Yeck Joo, will be installed at the cathedra of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, the mother church of the Church in Singapore.


Archbishop William Goh was the Coadjutor Archbishop of Singapore and being a coadjutor, in conjunction with the Code of the Canon Law, has the right to immediately succeed the Archbishop upon his resignation being accepted by the Holy See.

This Installation Mass will also be an Inauguration Mass for the ministry of the new Archbishop and also a thanksgiving for both the new Archbishop and for the service of the now Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Chia.


Details on the Mass :

Location : Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, ‘A’ Queen Street, Singapore

Time : Friday, 24 May 2013 at 10.30 am (on Vesak Day – Public Holiday)


As Archbishop William Goh has officially taken over the duty as the Ordinary of the Archdiocese, he immediately resides in the official residence of the Archbishop in the Archbishop’s House, located within the Cathedral grounds.


Meanwhile, Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Chia will transfer his residence to the Catholic Spirituality Centre in Hougang, Singapore, where Archbishop William Goh had resided during his term as the Coadjutor Archbishop.


God bless our new Archbishop and we also pray for our Archbishop Emeritus, that in his retirement he will continue to do great works for the sake of the Lord.

Ad multos annos, His Excellency Archbishop William Goh!

Archbishop William Goh, the new Archbishop of Singapore


As of today, Saturday, 18 May 2013, on the eve of the Pentecost Sunday, the Holy See and the Pope Francis has accepted the retirement of Archbishop Nicholas Chia, who will immediately become the Archbishop Emeritus of Singapore. This is in fulfillment of the Code of the Canon Law Can. 401§1, that all bishops upon reaching the age of 75 must tender their resignation to the Holy See, and the See will be empty once the resignation is accepted.

Chia Photo0001

(Above : The now Archbishop Emeritus Nicholas Chia of Singapore)

Archbishop William Goh, the Coadjutor Archbishop of Singapore, therefore, being the coadjutor archbishop, has an immediate right of succession, and thus immediately become the new Archbishop of Singapore, and the proper Ordinary of the Archdiocese, according to the Code of the Canon Law, Can. 404§1, as of today, Saturday, 18 May 2013.

Although today’s (18 May 2013) Vatican bollettino has yet to include this announcement of appointment, but as this news comes from the Apostolic Nunciature to Singapore, it is expected that by Monday, the bollettino will reflect this new change in the Church.


(Above : The new Archbishop of Singapore, Archbishop William Goh)

The installation Mass of the new Archbishop of Singapore is expected to be soon, to be held at the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, which will also be soon closed for major renovation.


(Video) Entrance Procession of the Episcopal Ordination of Coadjutor Archbishop William Goh of Singapore (Friday, 22 February 2013)

The entrance procession of the Episcopal Ordination Mass of Coadjutor Archbishop William Goh of Singapore, the future Archbishop of Singapore in the MAX Pavilion, EXPO, Singapore.



Also included is a portion of the Te Deum, during which the newly ordained Coadjutor Archbishop blessed the entire congregation, as well as part of the exit procession.

The music is by the Combined Choir of the Archdiocese of Singapore, led by the Cathedral Choir of the Risen Christ under the command of Sir Dr. Peter Low, the Choirmaster of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd.

Official Video of the Highlights of the Episcopal Ordination of Coadjutor Archbishop of Singapore, Archbishop William Goh

The official video of highlights on the Episcopal Ordination of the Coadjutor Archbishop William Goh of Singapore at MAX Pavilion, EXPO, Singapore on Friday, 22 February 2013. Released by PixelMusica, the official photographer and videographer of the event.

I am still waiting and hoping for them to release the full video coverage of the Episcopal Ordination.

Official video by PixelMusica on the Speech of Coadjutor Archbishop William Goh of Singapore at the Episcopal Ordination

Official video by PixelMusica on the Speech of Coadjutor Archbishop William Goh Seng Chye of Singapore at the Episcopal Ordination at MAX Pavilion, EXPO, Singapore, on Friday, 22 February 2013, the Feast of Chair of Saint Peter the Apostle.


The Speech :

“President Tony Tan;

Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli, Apostolic Nuncio to Singapore;

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean;

Archbishop Nicholas Chia;

Fellow Archbishops and Bishops;

Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon;

Members of Parliament;

Esteemed heads of Interreligious organisations;

My fellow priests, religious, and seminarians;

Relatives and friends.

Every successful event requires many hours of hard work, particularly so for an event of this scale and significance, even more so for one that was put together under the shadow of many seemingly impossible odds. But we are people of great faith. At least, I can vouch for the organising committee. Not only did they do everything within their power to move mountains, but they stormed heaven and earth, working tirelessly with the countless hands behind the scenes to turn this event within a span of just fifty-five days.

Truly, this event has been occasion to manifest the generosity and charisms of the people, all working together as one Body in Christ. It is indeed a privilege and a joy to behold the power and the glory of God in turning water into wine, in situations that seem near impossible by human reckoning. I cannot begin to thank everyone who has made this event so memorable for me. The list is long, and the night is short, and the trains would not wait.

So, I will not launch into a litany of thanks. But at least allow me to mention a few groups of people without whose support and blessings, we would not be here tonight. First of all, I must give glory to God, for He has not abandoned His flock, and has blessed the Church of Singapore with the gift of renewal. I am humbled that He has appointed me to shepherd and build on the work of my predecessors, in spite of my unworthiness and inadequacies, a sinner among men. I must also thank our blessed Mother, for drawing me near to her Son, guiding and shielding me with mental protection ever since I was young.

I was particularly honoured to have the President of Singapore, Dr. Tony Tan; the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Teo Chee Hean; Chief Justice, Sundaresh Menon; leaders and representatives from other Christian communions or churches, and heads of the interreligious organisations, graced this evening’s Episcopal Ordination with their presence. Thank you for celebrating and supporting this momentous event of the Catholic Church in Singapore.

Next, I wish to express my gratitude to His Grace Archbishop Nicholas Chia, who has given me so many opportunities to grow in faith, always supporting me in my ministry. I thank him for his guidance, support, and fatherly love. I knew he will continue to level the path for me in the transition period to leadership of the Church. I would also like to thank the Apostolic Nuncio, His Excellency Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli, for agreeing to be the Principal Consecrator. My gratitude also goes with His Grace Archbishop Nicholas Chia and Archbishop Tan Sri Murphy Pakiam, for co-consecrating me at my ordination.

My heartfelt thanks to all the bishops of the region, and all my brother priests from Singapore, Malaysia, and India, and Myanmar, for concelebrating the Mass with me. I am grateful that you have made time to pray and celebrate with me in spite of your tight schedules. Distance has not hindered you from showing me your fraternal support. Let us give thanks to all these people.

My great appreciation goes also to the organising committee. They don’t want me to name them. Who deliberated and despite the great challenges of planning and executing the ordination within such a short time frame, forged courageously ahead with 22 February 2013 date. Many of the members sacrificed their time and precious sleep, often meeting into the night, even after a hard day’s work at the office. Truly, truly I can’t thank them enough. They have won my admiration and confidence. Thank you.

As I have said, they don’t want their names to be mentioned. So we give glory to God for them. The first of the many challenges was to find suitable venue at short notice to accomodate 14,000 people. God however had sent many angels to make it possible. I must thank the many government departments. In particular, the traffic and security agencies, and the Singapore EXPO, for their critical logistic support in securing the venue and ensuring a smooth execution of the event.

Of course, I must thank the various ministry from  churches all over Singapore, who joined forces to form the combined choir, and served as the liturgy ministers, altar servers, wardens, hospitality ministers. My brother priests, who have provided valuable guidance, and support to the various committees to ensure the proper liturgical and other Church protocols were observed.

The young and energetic team of designers, from the youth ministry, Amplify! and their associates, who helped with all the design works, including my coat-of-arms, and the souvenir magazine.

The team of professional photographers and videographers who so freely and generously give of their talent, time, and rights to intellectual property, and you the faithful for joining me in this glorious occasion.

In a special way, I must thank my late mother, whom I believe is instrumental in inspiring and nurturing my vocation, because of her deep prayer life, faith, and love, for blessed Mother. I want to thank my brothers, and I want to thank my sister, Anne. Particularly, for their constant support, and understanding, and for looking after the family.

To the many individuals and groups who had contributed in one way or another, in kind and in spirit, known and refusing to be known, who gave their all joyfully, let me say a big thank you.

I know many of you have also been praying for me, individually, and in community, first that I would not be made bishop, because you want me to continue with the retreats. Then, when that was not to be, praying, fasting, and offering sacrifices that I would be a good shepherd, persevering in the trials that must come my way. I am deeply touched and edified. Fervent and constant prayer, and I repeat, fervent and constant prayer, would be the best gift you can give to me. For without prayers, I would not be able to be a good, wise, and holy shepherd, after the heart of Christ.

I too pray, that I would be worthy of my appointment, that in union with Christ, I would remain faithful to the ministry of the Apostles entrusted to me. Trusting and relying, not on my own strength, but in God’s infinite wisdom and power, that I’ll bring everything to completion according to His Divine plan and purpose. Indeed, in this time of mounting secularism and relativism, as our Nuncio has mentioned in his homily. A mist of threat of an Antichrist, anti-establishment era, there is much that we as the Church can do and must do. That is to share the Gospel values, and to make Christ known.

You know my family name may sound like one who is destined for action – ‘Go (Goh)’ – That is why we are always on the go. But in reality, I might always be on the go, but I cannot do it alone. I see a powerhouse of bubbling enthusiasm, grace, and talent among the presbyterian and laity, and particularly the young people, that can be harnessed and unleashed to propel the Church forward in this new millenium. Together we must forge new and creative ways, to categorise our youths, who are looking for a faith that is personal, real, and tangible.

We must harness modern technology, to influence the values of society. We must also give great attention to the family and married life, which is under threat by a world that no longer believes in the institution of the family, and of marriage, which is the first cradle for Catholic spirituality.

My dear brothers and sisters, the Church must reclaim its voice in influencing world views without fear, particularly with respect to the universal values of truth and justice, for the promotion of harmony. We must continue to steadfastly, resist the lure of secularism, and relativism, which threaten to suppress the voice of God, by working assiduously in areas of interreligious dialogue and ecumenism. Unless religions unite, faith will be relegated to the private domain of an individual’s life, thereby weakening the impact of religions on society and morality.

Not withstanding the issues at large, what I hoped for above all in my episcopacy, is to be both an encouraging and supporting brother to my priests. Thank you so much, brother priests for coming. I want to empower them in their ministry, and to you laity, I would like to be a compassionate and caring father. We must therefore work at becoming a vibrant, faith-filled, missionary, evangelical Church. We must never be complacent or satisfied with a maintenance Church.

This will be achieved, not only by me, not the clergy, religious, or just the laity, but together as entire people of God in unity. Remember the Holy Father Pope Benedict has told us, laity are corresponsible, not simply collaborators. Corresponsible in the mission of the Church. Hence passion and compassion will be the hallmark and thrust of my ministry in renewing the Church in Singapore.

We are one Body, one Spirit in Christ. Your pouring of your love, sacrifice, and generosity thus far had edified me, and I am moved to give of myself to the people of God. That this not be just a passing emotion, but the breath of the new spring, the wind beneath a tidal wave of change, sweeping the Catholic Church in Singapore. Thank you for your support. Ut Vivant! That you may live!”

Official Photographs of the Episcopal Ordination of Coadjutor Archbishop William Goh of Singapore


The photographs of the Episcopal Ordination Mass of the Coadjutor Archbishop of Singapore, taken by PixelMusica, which had been selected as the official photographer and videographer of the event.

I am hoping that they will publish a full video coverage of the event. Stay tuned for any news!

Ut Vivant : Anthem based on the motto of Coadjutor Archbishop William Goh of Singapore

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFf5k965i0w (Anthem from 10:40 to 13:00)


Ut Vivant (That they may live)


In love You came that we might live,

Help me lead the flock You give.

With passion, compassion, and love divine

May my sacrifice be joined to Thine

Awake now, lion, stand and roar;

The Pilgrim Church of Singapore;

For as my prayer to You ascends,

Let Your sevenfold Gifts descend;

Your Church’s faith restore, renew.

To spread the Gospel in ways anew.

Restore it! Renew it!

In the way of New Evangelisation,

Lead it!


‘Pie pellicane’, ‘Heart on fire’;

May Your Glory I desire;

A shepherd’s heart in me implant,

To teach, to serve, and not to want.

Holy Virgin, Star of the sea

Guide me, Mother, pray for me;

From this Year of Faith for souls to strive

And lead them to Eternal life.


‘Ut Vivant’, I answer, ‘Ut Vivant!’

O Lord, that they may live.


Text by : Coadjutor Archbishop William Goh of Singapore and Sir Dr. Peter Low

Music by : Sir Dr. Peter Low, Knight Commander of the Papal Order of St. Gregory, Choir Master of the Cathedral Choir of the Risen Christ, of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd

Arranged by : Alphonsus Chern, Organist of the Cathedral Choir of the Risen Christ