Monday, 31 October 2016 : 31st Week of Ordinary Time (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Green
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, on this day we are reminded through the Sacred Scriptures, by the words of our Lord Himself, that we ought to show love, care and concern for our brethren, particularly those who are lacking in sustenance, care and love. We should not ignore the plight of those who hunger, those who are suffering the daily effects of worldly sufferings.

Those who have more should be willing to come to the aid of those who lack, and when we have an abundance of love and good things, we should not forget all those who are less fortunate than us. This is the reality of our world, one that we should realise and appreciate, that we should not forget that in all of the blessings we have enjoyed in this world, there is always inequality in this world, and some others are perhaps suffering while we enjoy ourselves.

It does not mean then that we should not rejoice or be sorrowful or also seek to suffer. That is not what God had intended for us. Instead, as He had made it clear through today’s passage, that He wants each and every one of us to be filled with joy, that no one should suffer without help, and no joy should be excluded from others who should rejoice together with us.

It is what our Lord wants from all of us who call ourselves and who are indeed Christians. He wants all of us to share the love we have, the joy we have, for we have been united and made into one Body, the Body of Christ, the Church, and as members of the same Body, all of us who have been made the sons and daughters of our Lord ought to share that joy and blessings we have received from our Father and share the sorrow and joy we have with each other.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, thus we are called to recall what is our purpose and what is our objective as we live our lives as Christians. Are we devoted to the Lord, by loving Him and showing our obedience, walking in His path and doing what is right and just in His sight? And by doing this, does it mean that we have cared and showed care and concern for our brethren, particularly those whom we have seen to suffer from the effects of the suffering of this world?

Otherwise, if we have not done all of these, we are empty in our faith, in our faith life. After all, we cannot be truly faithful to God, if we profess to have such faith, and yet our words, actions and or deeds speak otherwise. Indeed, we may become hypocrites in our faith, and God will not look kindly on that. If we have not loved others and showed them our attention, if they need us, then are we true disciples of our Lord?

After all, God Himself had shown us all so much love, from the greatest of sinners to the greatest of the saints and the righteous ones. He had willingly come down into this world, and taking up our flesh and form, He had endeavoured to take up upon Himself the seemingly impossible task of ensuring our salvation from all of our sins. He has bore that cross and endured all the sufferings, out of the great love He has for us, even for His enemies and all those who had called upon and plotted for His death.

He has shown us all a perfect example, and should we all not follow Him then? He has called upon us all to be generous with our love and not to withhold our compassion and mercy from those who seek them. Therefore, as Christians, we should all come to realise and indeed commit ourselves to love one another, show forgiveness and mercy to those who have wronged us, and show the love of God to all those who have been unloved.

May God bless our works of charity and awaken in us a generous and loving heart filled with care and concern for our brethren, in the same way that He Himself had loved us from the beginning of time to now and to forevermore. Amen.

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