Monday, 30 January 2017 : 4th Week of Ordinary Time (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Green
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, on this day we heard the great deeds of our Lord Jesus, Who cast out demons from a man of the region of Gerasenes, and therefore healed the man. That man had been wondering in the wilderness, among the tombs, away from the society, as his condition made him an outcast, rejected by all the other people and cast out from the community.

No one would want to interact or even have anything to do with the man who had been possessed by the evil spirits, because they feared that they too would contract the same affliction. That is why those who had been possessed would be chained, and would be kept away from human interaction, left to fend off on his or her own. But when Jesus came to that place and saw the man possessed by the evil spirits, He did something different.

Instead of shunning the man, He approached him, and listened to him when he called out to Him. The evil spirits inside him knew just Who Jesus was, and they were afraid, for they knew that although they could do what they liked with the man, but there was nothing that they could do against the power of God in Jesus. Even they had to obey God, for they were created by God in the beginning, only to rebel against Him and cast out from heaven.

They know that they were doomed the moment that they were defeated, and they knew that Jesus is the One alone Who had the power over them, to destroy them and to cast them into the eternal fire prepared for them. Jesus therefore represents God’s saving love, through which God desires to bring all of His lost people back to Himself.

For each and every one of us who are sinners have been separated from God, and because of our sins, darkness had entered into our hearts, just like the evil spirits who entered into the man and made him to be a renegade and an outcast from his own community. In the same manner therefore, we have also been made outcasts and renegades from the kingdom of our God, cast out from His holy presence, and unworthy to be with Him.

And yet, it is God Himself Who had extended His loving and merciful hands to us, willingly offering us the means to our salvation, and this is even when such measures would require the sacrifice of His own Most Precious Body and Blood, which He willingly offered on the Altar of the cross at Calvary. He Who has the power to heal us, the only One indeed, has done so much for us. Now, we need to look upon ourselves and ask, what then have we done in order to thank Him for having done so for our sake?

Many of us do not appreciate what God had done for us, and we also even ignore Him, and rejected the kind offer of His mercy. We prefer to carry on living this life in the state of sin, living on with abandon, and putting ourselves into the ways of this world, following the temptations of worldly pleasures and as a result, we remain in the darkness, and we remain lost to the Lord. This is what we cannot do, brothers and sisters in Christ.

As Christians, now each and every one of us are called to help each other to live our lives filled with faith, commitment and devotion to God. We are called to help one another to reach out to the Lord, and not to close any path towards salvation from all those who need that salvation. But rather we must help our brethren who have not yet received God’s grace, and are still living in sin, that they may realise their sinfulness, and work towards redemption and forgiveness by God.

May the Lord help each and every one of us, so that we may draw ever closer to Him, and in all things may we always try our best to adhere to Him and to His ways, so that we may be found worthy, when He comes again to claim us all His beloved people. Let us all let the Lord our God touch us with His loving care, and open our hearts to welcome Him into our beings, that He may transform us from beings of darkness into beings of the true Light. May the Lord be with us all. Amen.

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