Monday, 13 November 2017 : 32nd Week of Ordinary Time (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Green

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, on this day we listened to the Sacred Scriptures, in which we heard that first of all, we must be responsible in living our lives, in our actions towards others, that we always show righteousness and justice in all things, especially as Christians, because if we do not do so, we will end up causing scandal for our faith and for the Church.

In today’s passage from the Book of Wisdom, our first reading, spoke of how the Lord through His Holy Spirit has inspired all of us to do what is right and just in the sight of the Lord, and all of us who have received the Holy Spirit ought to follow the example shown to us, or else, we will be judged and condemned because we have failed to do what the Lord commanded us to do.

And God knows all that we have done, and even all that is in our minds and hearts. There is nothing that we can hide from Him. Yet, many of us committed sin as if we think that God does not know or cannot know what we have done. If only that we realise how angry God is at our sins and wickedness, we will not even dare to think about sinning against Him, much less so, doing it. We always have to remember that God despises our sins and disobedience, but not ourselves.

What does this mean? Even though God loves each one of us but if we sin, we are distancing ourselves from Him. And all forms of disobedience and sin has their consequences, which ultimately lead to death. If we sin, we have to realise that our actions have consequences, and those who see and witness us sin, may also be lured to commit the same sin as well. And in the Gospel today, the Lord Jesus had harsh words for those who have misled others into sin, especially the innocent ones.

Therefore today, the first thing that all of us as Christians must learn and do, is that we have to abhor sin in all of its forms. This will be easier said than done, as sin is everywhere, in every aspects of our human and worldly lives. Temptations are always around us, as tools by which Satan and his allies are trying to steal us away from God and His salvation. We must actively resist this temptation to sin, by deepening our relationship with God, through active prayer life and charitable actions, loving and caring for our brothers and sisters who are in need.

Secondly, all of us must also learn to forgive one another, just as God has forgiven us. This is the calling which God had made to all of us, that as Christians we must love others and to forgive our faults and mistakes to one another. No man or woman has not done a single mistake in each of his or her life. We have been corrupted through our sins, and yet, all of our sins are willingly forgiven by God, because of His great love for us.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, there is no point for us if we do a lot of good deeds and love, and yet, we are unable to forgive those who have slighted us, made us felt inconvenient and even causing us to suffer and be in pain. It is not easy to forgive others just as it is not easy for us to love. Yet, if we do not forgive others their sins and mistakes, how can we expect to be forgiven? Let us remember the phrase in the Lord’s Prayer, “Forgive us our sins just as we have forgiven those who sinned against us.”

If God is willing and wants to forgive us in the multitudes of our sins, as massive and unimaginably huge they are, then why we mankind are so hesitant to forgive others for faults that are so much smaller compared to our own faults and sins? Let us all reflect on this, and from now on, think of the many ways in which all of us are indeed able to obey God’s will, by starting to learn to forgive each other, even for simple matters, that eventually in everything we do, we will show what being true Christians is about.

Let us all therefore, from now on, devote our effort, time and commitment to the Lord, doing whatever we can in order to serve the Lord ever more by sinning no more, and trying our best to be faithful in everything we say and do, so that through our examples, instead of misleading and misguiding many others through scandal and impropriety, we can bring more souls towards God, by inspiring them to live righteously and in obedience to God. May the Lord bless us all, and help us in this endeavour. Amen.

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