Sunday, 20 June 2021 : Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Green

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, this Sunday we are all reminded that we should put our trust in the Lord and not to let fear to cloud our judgment or mislead us down the wrong path. We should trust in the Lord and how in Him alone we can gain true assurance and true hope, and through Him, we shall never be disappointed or need to be afraid anymore, as He is always with us, by our side, and He has always watched over us, and in Him we shall find succour and true joy in life.

In our first reading today, we heard from the Book of Job, God’s words to Job stating how all things, even the mighty roaring waves and all sorts of forces of nature have a limit, and God has power over all of them delineating what each and every things in nature can do, and manages the scope of their appearance and influence. Contextually, this conversation between God and Job came to be because Job, who was God’s faithful servant, encountered great misfortune as many of us would have been familiar with his story.

Job remained firm in his faith despite the efforts of the devil who tried to test him, tempt him and coerce him through his misfortunes and sufferings in order to make him abandon the Lord. He did not blame God but he did wonder and ask the Lord why he had to suffer all that he had suffered, and in fact, blamed himself for his misfortune. And thus, for most of the Book of Job, the Lord brought him to a journey of discovery, as He revealed Himself to be in charge of everything, and how there are just so many things that are beyond our control and power.

But that is also exactly why we are all so fortunate that the Lord is always by our side and we always have Him loving us and caring for us. The Lord has always given us His attention and love at all times because we are His beloved ones, and we are precious to Him. The Lord has always put us as a priority, for after all, did He not give us the best and most ultimate gift of all gifts, by giving us His own Beloved Son, to be our Lord and Saviour. He gave it all for our sake that through His Son, we may find our way to eternal life and salvation in Him.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, that is why as we recall what we have just heard in our Scripture readings today, we are all called to look at the Lord and put our trust in Him. For just as He has reassured His disciples and shown His might before all of them, we too should put our trust in Him. We should not be afraid of those obstacles, trials and challenges that we encounter throughout our lives, just as those disciples should not be afraid of the threats that the waves and the wind brought to them.

The Lord was in the boat together with His disciples, who were all representative of all of us, and the boat itself symbolises the Church. The great waves and the wind facing the boat, which threatened to sink the boat in fact represent the difficulties and challenges that are facing us in this world, in our path of life, facing us be it as individuals or as the Church of God together. But we should not be afraid because the Lord is with us, just as He was with His disciples, which symbolises His union with the Church and His presence in our midst.

We should not be afraid like those disciples who feared for their lives and doubted the Lord. They allowed their fears and uncertainties to sway their hearts and minds, that they lost faith in the Lord and failed to trust in Him, when they though that their end surely had come. The Lord hence chastised them and reminded them to keep faith and to trust in Him, as He calmed the wind and rebuked the waves, just as He has once reassured and reminded Job, that all things are under God’s control and power, and as long as we trust in Him, we have nothing to fear at all.

Now, brothers and sisters in Christ, are we going to entrust ourselves to Him and believe in Him, or are we going to allow fear and worldly concerns to affect us and to lead us down the path to ruin? Let us all keep this in mind as we discern the path that we are going to take forward in life and also as one Church, one Body of all the believers in Christ. Let us all stay firm in our faith and commitment to the Lord, and not to abandon Him or the Church, for if we abandon Him for false leads of safety and false hope, then we surely shall perish, just as those who jump off the boat in the storm will surely drown and sink.

Let us hence renew our faith in the Lord and strive to love Him just as much as He has loved us first. God has been so generous in loving us and caring for us all these time, all along. If He has loved us so patiently despite all of our stubborn refusal to follow Him and even our betrayals and infidelities, then we should appreciate how beloved we are and strive to return Him the same love that we should have given Him. Let us all grow together in our faith and love, and commit ourselves anew to the Lord with a new zealous faith from now on.

May the Lord be with us and may He guide and lead us down the right path, and give us the courage and strength to walk down this path faithfully, each and every moments of our lives. May God bless us all in our every good works, efforts and endeavours, and may He help us to love Him more and more and trust in Him in all things. Amen.

Sunday, 20 June 2021 : Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time (Gospel Reading)

Liturgical Colour : Green

Mark 4 : 35-41

At that time, on that same day, when evening had come, Jesus said to them, “Let us go across to the other side.”

So they left the crowd, and took Him away in the boat He had been sitting in, and other boats set out with Him. Then a storm gathered and it began to blow a gale. The waves spilled over into the boat, so that it was soon filled with water. Jesus was in the stern, sleeping on a cushion.

They woke Him up, and said, “Master, do You not care if we drown?” And rising up, Jesus rebuked the wind, and ordered the sea, “Quiet now! Be still!” The wind dropped, and there was a great calm. Then Jesus said to them, “Why are you so frightened? Do you still have no faith?”

But they were terrified, and they said to one another, “Who can this be? Even the wind and the sea obey Him!”

Sunday, 20 June 2021 : Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time (Second Reading)

Liturgical Colour : Green

2 Corinthians 5 : 14-17

Indeed, the love of Christ holds us, and we realise, that, if He died for all, all have died. He died for all, so, that, those who live, may live no longer for themselves, but for Him, Who died, and rose again for them. And so, from now on, we do not regard anyone from a human point of view; and even if we once knew Christ personally, we should now regard Him in another way.

For that same reason, the one who is in Christ is a new creature. For him, the old things have passed away; a new world has come.

Sunday, 20 June 2021 : Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time (Psalm)

Liturgical Colour : Green

Psalm 106 : 23-24, 25-26, 28-29, 30-31

Those who went to the sea in ships, merchants on the mighty waters, saw the marvels of YHVH, His wonderful deeds in the deep.

For He spoke and stirred up a storm, whipping up the waves of the sea. Flung upward and plunged to the depths, they lost courage in the ordeal.

Then they cried to YHVH in anguish; and He rescued them from their distress. He stilled the storm to a gentle breeze and hushed the billows, to silent waves.

How glad they were! He brought them safe and sound to the port where they were bound. Let them thank YHVH for His love and wondrous deeds for humans.

Sunday, 20 June 2021 : Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time (First Reading)

Liturgical Colour : Green

Job 38 : 1, 8-11

Then YHVH answered Job out of the storm : “Who shut the sea behind closed doors when it burst forth from the womb, when I made the clouds its garment and thick darkness its swaddling clothes; when I set its limits with doors and bars in place, when I said, ‘You will not go beyond these bounds; here is where your proud waves must halt?’”

(Usus Antiquior) Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (II Classis) – Sunday, 20 June 2021 : Offertory, Secret Prayer of the Priest, Communion and Post-Communion Prayer

Liturgical Colour : Green


Psalm 12 : 4-5

Illumina oculos meos, ne umquam obdormiam in morte : ne quando dicat inimicus meus : Praevalui adversus eum.

English translation

Enlighten my eyes, that I never sleep in death, lest at any time my enemy say, I have prevailed against him.

Secret Prayer of the Priest

Oblationibus nostris, quaesumus, Domine, placare susceptis : et ad Te nostras etiam rebelles compelle propitius voluntates. Per Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum Filium Tuum, qui Tecum vivit et regnat in unitate Spiritus Sancti Deus, per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen.

English translation

Receiving our oblations, be appeased, we pray to You, o Lord, and in Your kindness constrain our wills toward You, even when resisting. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who with You lives and reigns in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, world without end. Amen.


Psalm 17 : 3

Dominus firmamentum meum, et refugium meum, et liberator meus : Deus meus, adjutor meus.

English translation

The Lord is my firmament, and my refuge, and my deliverer, my God is my helper.

Post-Communion Prayer

Mysteria nos, Domine, quaesumus, sumpta purificent : et suo munere tueantur. Per Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum Filium Tuum, qui Tecum vivit et regnat in unitate Spiritus Sancti Deus, per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen.

English translation

May the mysteries we have received purify us, we beseech You, o Lord, and by their virtue protect us. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who with You lives and reigns in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, world without end. Amen.

(Usus Antiquior) Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (II Classis) – Sunday, 20 June 2021 : Holy Gospel

Liturgical Colour : Green

Sequentia Sancti Evangelii secundum Lucam – Continuation of the Holy Gospel according to St. Luke

Luke 5 : 1-11

In illo tempore : Cum turbae irruerent in Jesum, ut audirent verbum Dei, et ipse stabat secus stagnum Genesareth. Et vidit duas naves stantes secus stagnum : piscatores autem descenderant et lavabant retia. Ascendens autem in unam navim, quae erat Simonis, rogavit eum a terra reducere pusillum. Et sedens docebat de navicula turbas.

Ut cessavit autem loqui, dixit ad Simonem : Duc in altum, et laxate retia vestra in capturam. Et respondens Simon, dixit illi : Praeceptor, per totam noctem laborantes, nihil cepimus : in verbo autem tuo laxabo rete.

Et cum hoc fecissent, concluserunt piscium multitudinem copiosam : rumpebatur autem rete eorum. Et annuerunt sociis, qui erant in alia navi, ut venirent et adjuvarent eos. Et venerunt, et impleverunt ambas naviculas, ita ut paene mergerentur.

Quod cum videret Simon Petrus, procidit ad genua Jesu, dicens : Exi a me, quia homo peccator sum, Domine. Stupor enim circumdederat eum et omnes, qui cum illo erant, in captura piscium, quam ceperant : similiter autem Jacobum et Joannem, filios Zebedaei, qui erant socii Simonis. Et ait ad Simonem Jesus : Noli timere : ex hoc jam homines eris capiens. Et subductis ad terram navibus, relictis omnibus, secuti sunt eum.

English translation

At that time, when the multitude pressed upon Jesus to hear the word of God. He stood by the lake of Gennesaret. And He saw two ships standing by the lake, but the fishermen were gone out of them, and were washing their nets and going up into one of the ships that was Simon’s. He desired him to draw back a little from the land, and sitting down, He taught the multitudes out of the ship.

Now when He had ceased to speak, He said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught. And Simon, answering, said to Him, “Master, we have laboured all the night, and have taken nothing. But at Your word I will let down the net.”

And when they had done this, they enclosed a very great multitude of fishes, and their net broke, and they beckoned to their partners that were in the other ship, that they should come and help them; and they came, and filled both the ships, so that they were almost sinking.

Which when Simon Peter saw, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, “Depart from me, for I am a sinful man, o Lord.” For he was wholly astonished, and all who were with Him, at the draught of fishes which they had taken, and so were also James and John, the sons of Zebedee, who were Simon’s partners. And Jesus said to Simon, “Do not fear, from henceforth you shall catch men.” And having brought their ships to land, leaving all things they followed Him.

(Usus Antiquior) Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (II Classis) – Sunday, 20 June 2021 : Gradual and Alleluia

Liturgical Colour : Green

Psalm 78 : 9, 10 and Psalm 9 : 5, 10

Propitius esto, Domine, peccatis nostris : ne quando dicant gentes : Ubi est Deus eorum?

Response : Adjuva nos, Deus, salutaris noster : et propter hominem Nominis Tui, Domine libera nos.

Alleluja, Alleluja.

Response : Deus, qui sedes super thronum, et judicas aequitatem : esto refugium pauperum in tribulatione. Alleluja.

English translation

Forgive us our sins, o Lord, lest the Gentiles should at any time say, “Where is their God?”

Response : Help us, o God our Saviour, and for the honour of Your Name, o Lord, deliver us.

Alleluia, Alleluia.

Response : O God, You who sits upon the throne, and judges justice, may You be the refuge of the poor in tribulation. Alleluia.

(Usus Antiquior) Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (II Classis) – Sunday, 20 June 2021 : Epistle

Liturgical Colour : Green

Lectio Epistolae Beati Pauli Apostoli ad Romanos – Lesson from the Epistle of Blessed Paul the Apostle to the Romans

Romans 8 : 18-23

Fratres : Existimo, quod non sunt condignae passionis hujus temporis ad futuram gloriam, quae revelabitur in nobis. Nam exspectatio creaturae revelationem filiorum Dei exspectat Vanitati enim creatura subjecta est, non volens, sed propter eum, qui subjecit eam in spe : quia et ipsa creatura liberabitur a servitute corruptionis, in libertatem gloriae filiorum Dei.

Scimus enim, quod omnis creatura ingemiscit et parturit usque adhuc. Non solum autem illa, sed et nos ipsi primitias spiritus habentes : et ipsi intra nos gemimus, adoptionem filiorum Dei exspectantes, redemptionem corporis nostri : in Christo Jesu, Domino nostro.

English translation

Brethren, I reckon that the sufferings of this time are not worthy to be compared with the glory to come, that shall be revealed in us. For the expectation of the creature waited for the revelation of the sons of God. For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of Him that made it subject in hope, because the creature also itself shall be delivered from the servitude of corruption, into the liberty of the glory of the children of God.

For we know that every creature groans and travails in pain, even till now, and not only it, but ourselves also, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves, groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption of the sons of God, the redemption of our body, in Christ Jesus our Lord.

(Usus Antiquior) Fourth Sunday after Pentecost (II Classis) – Sunday, 20 June 2021 : Introit and Collect

Liturgical Colour : Green


Psalm 26 : 1, 2, 3

Dominus illuminatio mea et salus mea, quem timebo? Dominus defensor vitae meae, a quo trepidabo? Qui tribulant me inimici mei, ipsi infirmati sunt, et ceciderunt.

Si consistant adversum me castra : non timebit cor meum.

Response : Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto, sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper : et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

English translation

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the protector of my life of whom shall I be afraid? My enemies that trouble me have themselves been weakened and have fallen.

If armies in camp should stand together against me, my heart shall not fear.

Response : Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.


Da nobis, quaesumus, Domine : ut et mundi cursus pacifice nobis Tuo ordine dirigatur; et Ecclesia Tua tranquilla devotione laetetur. Per Dominum nostrum Jesum Christum Filium Tuum, qui Tecum vivit et regnat in unitate Spiritus Sancti Deus, per omnia saecula saeculorum. Amen.

English translation

Grant us, we beseech You, o Lord, that the course of the world may be directed for us, and that Your Church may rejoice in peace. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, who with You lives and reigns in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, world without end. Amen.