Thursday, 16 February 2017 : 6th Week of Ordinary Time (Homily and Scripture Reflections)

Liturgical Colour : Green
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, from what we heard in the Scripture passages today, we can see how God loves each and every one of us mankind, whom He had created out of love, the concern and care He has shown for us. We heard how He saved Noah from the great flood that engulfed the whole world and consumed all the others who were wicked and filled with evil. He made a covenant with him, promising that He would no longer wipe out mankind for their transgressions.

God is so full of mercy and patience, that even when we mankind had disobeyed Him and walked away from His path, but He was always willing to forgive and to allow us to return to His grace. And He gave us all every help that He could give, including sending upon us many helpers, and His messengers and prophets to call us back to repentance and to turn away from our sins.

But many of us refused to listen to Him, and refused to believe in the truth which He had preached into the world, and even when He sent us all His own Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, many refused to listen to Him, and turn their back against the Saviour of the world. There were those who believed in Him, the Apostles and disciples of Jesus, who believed in the Lord despite of the challenges and difficulties facing them.

This then brings us to the reality of our world, where those who walk in the ways of the truth are always going to face difficulties, opposition and challenges, just as the world had risen up against the Lord Jesus before. There are a lot of resistance from man to remain as they are in their current state of sin and wickedness. Yet, the Lord never gave up on us, so much so that He was willing to endure the persecution and suffering at the hands of the Pharisees, the elders and the chief priests.

That was what we all well know as what truly happened during the time when our Lord Jesus faced His Passion in this world. He loved us all so dearly that He was willing to endure the weight of the cross and the burdens of the sins of all mankind. He suffered lashes and whips, torture and pain of thorns and the pain of the nails of the crucifixion, all for the aim that we mankind may have hope to be redeemed from our sins.

Yet, many of us are not yet appreciative of what we have been given, all the blessings that we have received, all the things that we have enjoyed in this life. Many of us lived in the same manner as the people living wickedly during the time of Noah. And we all know how they all met their end. No one who remains wicked and unjust can enter into the kingdom of God, and all will perish in the darkness and suffering unless one turns wholeheartedly towards the Lord.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, as Christians we are all called to be true servants of our Lord, following and imitating the Lord in all that He had shown us and revealed to us. As Christians we should open ourselves to receive the love of Christ, remembering the great love which He had shown to us. We should resist the temptations for us to sin, for the devil is always at work trying to pull us away from the path to salvation.

Let us all help one another, brethren, that we may resist the temptations and persuasions of the devil, for us to abandon the way of the Lord just because it seems to be too difficult for us. This is what he had done, when he tried to put obstacles before the path of Jesus our Lord, but Jesus was not intimidated at all, and rebuked Satan and his works.

Let us all understand that following God may often mean that we have to endure rejection, opposition and even persecution from the world, because the way of the Lord is not compatible with the ways of this world. But we must never give up, for to give up means for us to submit to the attempts of the devil trying to drag us into damnation and darkness with him.

Let us work together, as brothers and sisters in Christ, imitating the love which God had shown us, and practice it in our own lives. May we be merciful towards each other, showing care, concern and compassion to all those who need them. Let us do our best to make sure that the wickedness of Satan and all sorts of sin have no place in our hearts, which are instead filled with the love of God. May the Lord be with us all, bless us and keep us in His grace forevermore. Amen.